Thursday, April 25, 2013

NY Mag Classy Insights on W

Bush: Terrible President, Also Not a Smart Man -- Daily Intelligencer:

On the very day of the opening of your enemies Presidential Library, when four ex-pres, two of which pretty much hate him (Carter and Omama) are willing to show up and be civil (KUDOS!!) , it make a significant statement to be out beating the "W is a dummy" drum!.

Since it is obvious that W is stupid and was a terrible president, completely obvious that the NY Rag and old J Chait are super intelligent, urbane, and immensely competent, I can only imagine what is on tap for tomorrow!

Earth not flat, penis enlargement pills fake???

Since they wanted to put in some cherry picked videos to prove their point on the stupidity, here is the master of numeric intelligence waxing eloquent ...

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