Saturday, April 13, 2013

Outrunning Jackasses

Rebuttal to the attack on Dr. Don Easterbrook | Watts Up With That?:

I had never heard the Galileo quote at the end that I alluded to in the title -- it is priceless.

I also love his comment on theories that explain everything: "The theory that explains everything explains nothing." Exactly! 

The column is EXCELLENT in that it deals primarily with the combination of fake hubris, fear and the desire to be "one of the in crowd" that permeates the warmist movement. Humans love to be liked -- it is in our makeup, but part of the maturity of reason is to realize that the "liking" is often completely fatuous. Being fact based and having faith in something larger than ones self (and certainly the popularity thereof) is MUCH preferable for both the self and the society one lives in. 

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