Monday, April 08, 2013

Rick Warren and Civility

First Take: Vitriol infests Warren family grief:

First, my deepest condolences to Rick Warren and family -- if he was the very embodiment of evil in the modern world,  to not feel his pain at all makes one wonder if the prevalence of sociopaths in our society is understated.

How often we hear how "coarse" things have become in this country. Can it be ANY more "coarse" than attacking a man whose son has committed suicide?

To believe in Christ is to always have hope. One feels more sorry for those hopeless enough to attack anyone in such pain, but such is what happens for those who leave positive hope behind and replace it with the negative hope for immediate annihilation upon death.

It is not Gods will that any should perish, but for those that choose that path, they seem driven to prove that God truly is just in his eternal judgement.

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