Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Right Wing Mind Control

Opinion: Why terrorist bombings have been rare in U.S. in past decade -

From time to time we get treated to an indictment of Fox News, Talk Radio and "The Right Wing Echo Chamber" ... the absolute horror that some in the MSM feel "compelled" to carry some "fabrication" that got started in the "not-real news", oh I forgot, the "Blogsphere" is another part of that irresponsible media.

Here we have an article that has been out on CNN for a few days now explaining to us why there are relatively few bombings in the US. CNN is a "trusted news source" ... no bias there.

Of the 380 extremists indicted for acts of political violence or for conspiring to carry out such attacks in the U.S. since 9/11, 81 were able to obtain explosives or the components necessary to build a bomb, according to a study by the New America Foundation. Of those, 51 were right-wing extremists, 23 were militants inspired by al Qaeda's ideology, five have been described as anarchists and one was an environmentalist terrorist.

Wow, 51 of them were "Right Wing Extremists", wonder how THAT classification is reached?

The critical thinker ... of which the US has few remaining, would go look at "The New America" foundation, which Peter Bergen is a leader of, and which it is clear is properly named -- they don't like the "old America" much, the democratic republic one, with freedom, liberty, rule of law, and ESPECIALLY things like individual property rights.

One element that is NOT mentioned is that GUNS are more commonly used in the US by attackers, and BOMBS are more commonly used in European countries. The IMPRESSION is given that "since 9-11", explosives have been "too hard to get". Indeed. Very serviceable bombs can be made from LOTS of common household items, propane, and other chemicals easily manufactured. Has METH been controlled in the US??

Or there is black powder How to make Black Powder and how to get the parts ...

I know that "Right Wingers" are too stupid to figure out how to make a bomb, so the "better government control" MUST be the reason. Terrorists are just smarter in Europe ... so they build bombs.

I'm also not going to go into the selective nature of this article very much. Environmental Terrorists seem to like sabotage and especially arson. The animal rights types like to wreck labs and turn loose animals.

Can you list the 51 "right wing extremists" apprehended for plotting bombs in the US since 9-11? Whenever there is a SINGLE case that can somehow be labeled as "right wing", even though the important part of the perpetrator is that they are NUTS, we hear LOTS about it! Whereas when you have someone like the Unibomber -- who was totally lefty / anarchist, there is VERY little covered about him other than the NUTS part! (he was also a certifiable math genius, which is obviously why he would lean left!)

If you only read the MSM, it is pretty easy to see how one thinks as the majority of our population does. You have been carefully taught!

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