Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tebow Comes Out!

Tim Tebow Can Be Great, Just Not in the NFL | Bleacher Report:

Oh, wait, he already has come out ... as a Christian. That makes him "controversial".  He had been declared unfit for the NFL immediately upon entry as I talked about in "Christian Hate Speech".

Does ANYONE really think it is "courageous" to come out as Gay today? Could ANYONE write something like this about whatever his name unknown from the equally unknown Wizzards who recently came out as "the first openly gay person in US professional sports"?? (with a glowing banner headline on CNN).

We have pretty much descended to Roman times without the lions (yet) ... Note, real lions, not the Motor City Kitties!

Bring on the debauchery, throw the Christians to the MSM!!!

The lions were more fair minded!

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