Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Thatcher and Enemies

Opinion: Why Thatcher made so many enemies - CNN.com:

Good little column that pretty much states the obvious without stating it ... so I'll translate.

  • There are ALWAYS winners and losers, the question is just "who". 
  • When the winners are the hard working, the investors, the innovators, the risk takers, the investors, then the entire country moves forward -- even the "losers", although not nearly as fast as those that strive, so the "gap" gets larger. 
  • Those that don't want to compete, believe that competition can be "managed, avoided, blunted, leveled, etc" are ALWAYS unhappy ... when they "win", then everyone goes down as in the former USSR, and England, Europe, Japan and the US today. Scarcity becomes the rule, but from their perspective -- until they starve, it is "better", because the field is more level, and they like that. 
  • Media, major educational institutions, nearly all of the non self made wealthy and of course government and unions are ALWAYS going to STRONGLY oppose someone like Thatcher or Reagan. They literally HATE them, because they represent a world view that they despise.

    So Thatcher and Reagan are seen as "evil". Those that run "the establishment", are quite happy with the EXISTING class structure thank you very much! The idea that people can succeed  on merit and pull themselves up in class flies in the face of both their positions and the views of their captive masses, trudging along in what they hope to be a completely predictable somnolent life with no hope of advancement or fear of loss.  ("You didn't build that!")

She was THE Lady! To have lived at a time where both her and Reagan were able to show mankind once more what is possible when liberty is unleashed against the forces of tyranny and corruption was a rare privilege.

So the forces of tyranny and corruption hated her and they enjoy her death. Naturally they do. If they were willing to take a small glance in the mirror, perhaps they could increase their understanding of "evil" (something ALL of us share) to a much greater degree!

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