Sunday, April 07, 2013

The Axis of Education

University of Minnesota's bloat must end |

Wow, Arnie and at Strib being worried about UofM spending in ANY way is definitely like the fox wanting to add safety measures to the hen house!

The numbers are suitably obscene, abut somehow the "solutions" don't look likely to do very much to me ... this and that "commission", and DFLer from here or there. Ho-hum, the U is ground zero for filling the skulls of the young with statist claptrap de jour, are they REALLY surprised that some of the folks riding the perpetual gravy train may have gotten a little greedy and pudgy?

US education is in almost as bad a shape as we are governmentally, financially and economically. It is dedicated to the ancient "kids in a room with an ossified union driving the show in bed with big government" from "Dead Start" giving the those just out of the cradle indoctrination to the majesty of the state, all the way up to having the "BS" piled higher and deeper to MS and PHD via rigorous goose-step head bobbing agreement with the socialist, anti-competitive, politically correct mantra that happens to be the current theme of the "Axis of Education ". Really more than "3" though ...  government, unions, lawyers, big education.

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