Sunday, April 21, 2013

They Didn't Use Guns, So??

The Boston Bombers Were Muslim: So? - Megan Garber - The Atlantic

The pain of finding the bombers were Muslim Immigrants as opposed to home grown anti-government "Right Wing Extremists" is palpable. It feels for the media as feels for me seeing the snow fall again here in MN on the 21st of April.

If this had been another shooting tragedy, the Atlantic would be pointing to the OBVIOUS problem of "guns in America". Come on, you KNOW that to be true!! How can one be rational at all, even with leftward views and not see that???


To be left thinking is to completely lack the capacity for self reflection. Here are some of the reasons I surmise, written in my "lefty guise".  No real lefty even seems to care, they simply treat Islamic Terrorism and Gun Violence as completely different things.

  1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Islamists hate Christians. Christians tend to vote "the wrong way" and have moral ideas "incompatible with modern thought", so I'm OK with Islamists, at least for now. (Note: Major problem, Islamist thinking is FAR more incompatible with "modern thought" than Christian theology and practice ... but as a lefty, I ignore that)
  2. Immigrants are "Unregistered Democrats" -- a little violence, even mass violence from a few immigrants is acceptable. 
  3. Guns are personal, bombs are corporate. If someone is shooting at me or those I love with a gun, I might wish I had one to try to protect myself or them. If a bomb goes off, I won't be bothered by any thoughts like that.
  4. I don't like the foreign and independent thought of the "right wing" -- the government is my god, and those guns are an obstacle to the kind of control that we may need to apply to insure that our nation is "fair". It may be important to forcibly transfer assets from "conservatives" to the rest of us as the situation continues to decline. Guns make that harder. 
  5. I get really sick of having to listen to "the right". I boycott all their media, unfriended any I can both virtually and physically, but I know they are still out there. Knowing they tend to be armed makes me VERY nervous. I don't really trust myself with a gun, I'm not sure why they trust themselves. I find both the guns and the conservaties very scary, together I completely can't stand it! I have a RIGHT to not have to feel this way!

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