Sunday, April 14, 2013

Understanding "Liberal" Popularity

Why Aren’t More People Repelled by the Left? | Power Line:

So there are raucous celebrations of Thatcher's death in England? The simplest answer to the question posed by this column is that although I'm completely unsurprised, who knew? The coverage of bad behavior on the left is minimal at best.

The big reason though tis that worship of the state is the modern pagan religion. It is "moral" because it declares itself to be, and it has it's own set of "sacraments" -- abortion, gay marriage, environmental fetishism and legal pot. Someday I need to do a whole "Stations of the Statist Cross.

Certainly Popularity would be one, liberals love that above all else. "Democracy" makes them feel so moral compared to "Mob Rule" -- but they like Mobs as well. Their mobs are just "just mobs", and since the chattering classes are always going to lean left,  both the entertainment and "news" media are always going to worship the Statist totem.

The line from the column that I completely disagree with is "liberals are often reviled as vile, vulgar, hate-mongers." They are? On what planet is that? It is CONSERVATIVES that are "often", in fact, nearly universally cast in that light. In fact, based on media reporting I'd say there are only two reasons for one to be a conservative -- they are stupid, they are evil, most commonly both!

The station of "intelligence" definitely is one ... to be a "liberal" is proof of at least "not being stupid". An intelligent liberal is above all an excellent parrot. Whatever the hot item of the day that needs to be praised or derided, they are locked to the party line. Why would they not be? They are daily presented in every form from entertainment to news with exactly what is to be applauded and what is to be smirked at. John Stewart and his "Daily Show" are currently an excellent flavor of this -- just the right smirk, just the right condescension, even an occasional jibe at the lefty home team just to give the snide impression of being "even handed". We are cooking in a left wing information pot -- and all one needs to do to be "moral and smart" is to be a parrot!

I'm not going to keep going for today, but it is completely unsurprising to me that people can get out and be joyful over the death of Maggie Thatcher and not be considered "bad" in any form -- don't "smart and just people" have a right to their "fun"???

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