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America’s Five Make or Break Tests

The Big Five: America’s Make or Break Challenges | Via Meadia:

I respect Walter Russel Meade a great deal, it is a good article. I think it is much simpler than her presents it though. Here are his big 5:

  1. Jobs
  2. Services Crunch
  3. Demographic Transition 
  4. Coherence Crisis 
  5. Virtue 

 I'd order them like this:

  1. Return to God - Religion - Constitution, eg Transcendence. MEANING! What he calls #4, "coherency". He argues that "we can't go back", I argue we have been "going back" to pre-Reformation, even pre-Enlightenment thinking with "progressivism" which I call "regressivism". Read the seminal works of these people -- Rosseau, etc. They want to return to "the noble savage", "the perfect state of nature". We are regressing -- to a PC totalitarianism. To a forced paganism because the cultural connection with the sacred is prohibited. Our suicide rates are skyrocketing, our birth rates are declining. Man cannot create his own meaning and dies individually and as a culture without a meaningful life.  
  2. Jobs, his #1  -- Which I would state as "Vocation". Somewhere around the '60s America lost the idea of craftsmanship and pride in work. Welfare and ADC were rolled out and the dignity of work was destroyed for the poor -- the hard working far from perfect husband that stuck at a low paying job and was honored for his contribution was replaced by the state, and both the family and the dignity of work suffered mightily. Unions and corporatism replaced craftsmanship, excellence and innovation with profits and salaries. With hedonism highly linked to consumerism declared to be the new "god", lucre became the both the totem and the sacrement of the tribe, and "work" became an evil. We don't need "high paying jobs", we need vocations which are respected independent of salary. We need a life vocation, because there is no such thing as a "living wage".
  3. Virtue, his #4 -- I'd argue that if 1 and 2 happen, 3 will certainly show up at the same time, but what he says about it is valid. I may have complicated my #1 too much.
  4. The Service Crunch, his #2 -- I'd claim that this is very much "vocation". We need to return "services" especially "government services" to being quality, efficient, respected SERVICE. Not very highly paid, benefitted, unionized and political contributing "positions". He missed education, I'd put it here -- it is one of the most critical of services, traditionally a "calling".
  5. Demographic Transition -- I believe if we dealt with 1-4, this would be no issue. Were America still America -- "Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all", where "justice" means level opportunity, not result, then young, old, hispanics, etc would all operate just fine. Without at least 1-3, #5 is likely the catalyst that implodes the remaining husk of what America once was.

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