Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Climate Scientists Come to Terms With Lack of Global Warming

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Great headline.

Here is a reaction from those ever thoughtful Warmists that is really helpful to scientific discussion:
This has frustrated some environmentalists who recently sent a letter to major news networks urging them to have more coverage on global warming, and to stop portraying the issue as a “two-sided debate” by featuring global warming skeptics.

Got that? No need to have anything covered like there are "two sides" even when your own models don't track reality ... much better to go with you models. 

Oh, and as I mentioned before, James Hanson, apparently a true scientist and former Warmist darling is likely to be getting death threats: 

Establishment media outlets have been reporting about the unexpected stabilizing global surface temperatures over at least the last decade, and even former NASA scientist and environmental activist James Hansen has recognized the decade-long lull.
"Unexpected", ah yes ... very much like how bad economic news like this months job figures or construction starts is "unexpected" under lefty policies, and how so many things under say the Reagan administration were "unexpected" to the media ... massive economic growth, dropping fuel prices and the demise of the USSR were all SHOCKING to those of the lefty world view. 

When in doubt, work to control the narrative, NEVER question your world view!!

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