Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Elite Jedi Mind Tricks

Opinion: If Clarence Thomas isn't 'elite,' who is? -

When I read a column like this I'm always tempted to break the "never assert malice when stupidity will do".

So LZ doesn't understand that what Thomas was saying was "the LIBERAL elite and the LIBERAL MSM"???

He was talking about BO being POTUS, **NOT** about BO trying to become a member of the SCOTUS!!!!

Supreme Court Justicies are APPOINTED and CONFIRMED by the US Senate. The SCOTUS and the Senate for that matter were created by our founders to explicitly be non-democratic and "elitist" ... in those days, that was called "the aristocracy". The aristocracy are the people that have a lot to lose if the country goes down ... land, money, family name, status, reputation, etc.

The "common folk" don't have a lot to lose in comparison -- so they might vote for policies that are destructive to the nation but they BELIEVE would move their state from "bad" to "a tiny bit less bad". or maybe would just hurt some "rich folk" that they don't like anyway, even if it made everyone worse off. It would negatively effect the rich folk more. A win! At least with the OWS movement kind of logic.

So I'm giving LZ the benefit of the doubt here and saying that he simply doesn't understand that Thomas was talking about THE LIBERAL elite, which DOESN'T include Clarence, and DOESN'T include FOX news ... or a host of others. There are plenty of "elite" only in bank account, business athletic or other success, education, accomplishment, etc that the LIBERAL elite are NOT going to approve as being part of the RECOGNIZED LIBERAL ELITE brand, which is truly the only "elite" that actually counts for POLITICAL power in this country.

Fail to be in that group as Thomas, Rush, Palin, W and a host of others are, and you are effectively "nothing" as you are portrayed to the masses via the MSM news and entertainment. You are always "stupid" ... like Thomas, Palin and W, and usually "hypocritical, out of touch, uncaring" and a host of other negative adjectives.

 John McCain is one that works to be "in with the in elite", but has suffered the pain that comes when the time comes for the elite to actually choose -- as in McCain / BO. Sure, the elite loved high-fiveing John when he was kicking  the uncool W, but as soon as he was actually running for president, they abandoned him like the "in-girls" to the dowdy neighbor girl that a couple may have actually played with and been nice to over the summer. Everyone has known of this behavior in humans since at least Jr High -- so I'm giving LZ the benefit of thinking he missed Jr High, forgot ... or something.

Jedi Mind Tricks indeed.

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