Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Stand for Nixon!!

He’s No Nixon | The Weekly Standard:

I agree completely with the spirit of the linked column, although I lack the personal connection to Nixon of the column author.

To even compare BO and Nixon in any way is ridiculous!!  In no way does BO even come close to Nixon as a person or as a president!

There is little doubt that Benghazi is more serious than Watergate -- nobody died in Watergate, and last I checked, Watergage was domestic vs international. To attempt to add stature to BO simply because he managed to create a more serious scandal than  Nixon is beyond the pale.

Watergate was a tiny scandal, but a huge triumph for the left wing media and the Socialist Workers Party. It had little to do with Nixon the man, but everything to do with Nixon the hated (and historically justified) villan of the Alger Hiss trial.

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