Friday, May 10, 2013

Ice Cancels Fishing Opener

Ice Likely Ruining The Fishing Opener On Mille Lacs « CBS Minnesota:

For the first time in quarter century, I'm not doing any fishing in MN this opener. For 45+ years I did an opener either here or in WI, where the opener was a week earlier. During that time there was never an issue with ice on any of the lakes that I opened on -- this year, there was, and would definitely have been had I gone to WI.

I listen to MPR pretty much every day, there has been VERY little discussion about all the records being broken this year, where last year, the early and warm spring was a CONSTANT discussion, often with a little quip thrown in of "how hard it must be to be a "denier".

Guess what. BOTH years were WEATHER, not CLIMATE ... as have been all the 10, 20, and even 100 year shifts in temps, rainfall, snow, etc.

The best that science can tell us is that the CLIMATE of the planet has shifted between periods of warm and cold for at least the last 2.6 million years, and we are in fact still in an "ice age" called the Pleistocene.

The chart shows evidence from antarctic ices cores over the past 450,000 years. If people like to think about the "big picture", this chart brings a few thoughts to mind:

  1. Note the scale, 50,000 year increments. The whole of recorded human history is in that rightmost uptick in temps. 
  2. Note the semi-regular 4 peaks pior to (I think) even the warmists belief in human effect. 
  3. Five isn't a really good number for a persistent pattern over 2.5 million years, when what you have is on 1/5th of the data because the other 4/5ths melted. 
  4. Look at the peak about 125,000 years ago. It got a lot warmer than now. The place at which this ice sheet was at was still ice covered, and guess what! The planet survived, and they didn't even have Al Gore to protect it. 
  5. Note how "fast" (on this scale, still hundreds and thousands of years)  the temperature drops are after the peaks. We know that the planet has survived both the peaks and the valleys, along with all the life forms we see around us today. Polar bears for example, did NOT evolve in the last 125K years, after it previously got 4° C warmer than now. Folks that claim otherwise are either misinformed or lying. 
  6. Note how much of the time it is VERY cold. A few min spent looking at the following will point out that the last 3K years have THANKFULLY been fairly warm. There are mastodons from Siberia dated 7-8K years ago when it was WARMER STILL. My thinking is that was not due to humans driving around too much!! But then thoughts like that make me a stupid "denier". 
Anyway, enough on the bigger picture for today. This has been a cold spring in MN, but NOTHING like what we have seen here around 12K years ago with a mile thick sheet of ice, so we ought to be VERY thankful for just a little lake ice!

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