Monday, May 06, 2013

Moscow on the Potomac

When Will America Burst D.C.'s Bubble? | RealClearPolitics:

All I could think about as I read this is the similarity of the current BO Beltway to Moscow during the heyday of the USSR. SIX of the TEN WEALTHIEST counties are DC suburbs!! How is that for "public service"!!!!

This article seems to think that America will "burst the DC bubble". Really? How? When that much power gets connected with that much wealth, I can't imagine any way to return to republican rule of law outside of armed conflict!
In fact, six of the 10 wealthiest American counties are Washington suburbs.
Washington once was the manifest of power. Now you can add “center of wealth” to its portfolio, crystallizing the elite institutional disconnect between it and the rest of the country.

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