Sunday, May 19, 2013

Republican Hypocrisy, Tax Exempt

House Republican Hypocrites Rage About The IRS While Demanding An Audit of the AARP:

This column is an interesting read on how the "liberal" brain operates.

The largest point here is why is the Government doing ANYTHING to regulate POLITICAL SPEECH!!! The whole purpose of the first amendment is for political speech to be FREE OF GOVERNMENT CONTROL!!!! This column is an object lesson in why that is a very good idea!

How in any sort of rational sense at all can "liberals" argue out of one side of their mouth that "we can't go back to the 1800's", so government MUST be gigantic, intrusive,  and horrendously expensive. Oh, but political speech??? Why THAT should be funded at say 1950 levels BY THE GOVERNMENT who would provide very strict controls so it was "fair". Uh, "fair" TO THE GOVERNMENT???  I'm sure ... but to anyone else?? Very hard to say.

So we have Elected Republicans  OPENLY suggesting that various liberal groups ought to be investigated due to specific things they have said or done  UNDER EXISTING LAW (which is SUPPOSED to apply equally to ALL of us!)  ACORN, AARP, NAACP, Media Matters. These are avowed liberal groups that are ALREADY Tax Exempt, are supposed to follow existing law,  and everyone knows EXACTLY where they politically stand and how they advocate constantly. So Elected Republican Representatives openly asked for the IRS to insure that these groups follow existing law. Hypocrisy?

They ought not do that? The alternative would be to step back and allow the IRS to execute completely one-sided enforcement of political speech regulating laws that ought not even be on the books??? It is pretty damned clear why BO and the left hates "Citizens United". It is a fly in the ointment of effective government control of political speech! If enough people are aware of what is being done to them, it might still be just barely possible that BO and company would be in trouble. Political speech that is not in agreement with the "progressive" progrom must be stamped out!!

OTOH, we have the IRS INTERNALLY and SECRETLY targeting "Conservative Groups" for audits, gathering information on their members so that they may also be audited, and preventing many other groups from even getting their tax exempt status. (the Rochester Tea Party Patriots were rejected)

Let's see. The IRS is an agency of the US Government that is supposed to be acting on behalf of ALL the people! Strange though it obviously is to the "liberal" mind, that meant that people were at least formerly allowed to have freedom of DIFFERENT speech!! Meaning, the 1st amendment was not created to allow "Free Speech for those that Agree with the "liberal" position"!! Apparently, a concept that is alien to the authors of this column.

Note the similarity in how "liberals" (actually STATISTS) see the 1st and 2nd Amendments. They see them as GOVERNMENT rights!! In the 2nd, the MILITARY has the right to have guns ... not "the people". For the 1st Amendment, individuals and groups have a right to "obscene" or "offensive" speech (as long as it doesn't make any of the Federally selected special groups feel bad ... women, blacks, gays, muslims). However, POLITICAL SPEECH needs to be "fairly regulated" by the government! The Fox guarding the henhouse really doesn't do it justice.

Were we arguing about if a Democrat Representative ought to be able to ask for a specific Conservative group to be investigated -- say the NRA. (oops, not tax exempt) ... but find one, have some elected Democrats stand up and ask the IRS to do an investigation of if they are following the law, and THEN, if Republicans think THAT ought not be allowed, it would be hypocrisy!!

What we have here is proof positive that our government is WAY too intrusive, and just HOW FAR we have slid toward one party rule. 90%+ of those IRS union employees vote Democrat. They KNOW where their bread is buttered. It is completely UNsurprising that they would be strongly motivated to reduce the political speech of those seeking a smaller government, with or without prompting. It is also pretty hard to imagine that even if pushed rather hard by Republicans in government, that they would be anxious to prosecute groups whose political leanings they agree with.

The ONLY solution here is to GET THE GOVERNMENT OUT OF REGULATING POLITICAL SPEECH!!! Exactly as the 1st amendment says!!!!

Sadly, what the left is trying to use this incident for is to ADD to the speech regulating powers of the IRS. Guess whose favor the IRS is going regulate???

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