Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tax Enemies, One Party Rule

IRS admits targeting conservatives for tax scrutiny in 2012 election - The Washington Post:

I've always compared BO with Carter on the basis of policy, but it is definitely Nixon he is closest to in morality.

First, the practice is no surprise at all, just mildly surprising that the IRS would forget that it it isn't on the list of things to talk about openly.

The IRS, and in ALL agencies of the government save the military (although that is shifting too) are union organizations that vote over 90% Democrat. We currently have, and effectively have had for some time, one party rule. Why would they NOT target Republicans? They would have to care more for Rule of Law than how they feel -- and they are Democrats.

If they valued Rule of Law over temporary political advantage, they would be Republicans. They believe in their hearts, not their minds, and certainly not in som old tired Constitution.

So we OFFICIALLY and OPENLY (for today)  live in a country where you are targeted for your political allegiance. Expect that to be a big story? Not from this side it won't be -- the MSM is just fine with this, in fact, they no doubt feel it is good and proper. Embarrassing when IRS folks get lost enough so they talk about it openly, but that can be fixed and it can be buried again.

To some degree, they need to do this from time to time. It instills fear. If you don't agree with "The Party", then you can be targeted. Keep your head down, lie low, maybe nobody will rat you out!
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