Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Banality of The Chicago Way

The Autocrat Accountants | National Review Online:

Steyn touches on what I think is the real point of the information that has leaked out through the MSM about the federalizing of The Chicago Way (TCW).

What is the TCW?? Like all effective measures, it is very simple at it's core; "Reward your friends and punish your enemies".  One could just call it "The Mob Way", "The Non-Christian Way", or the "National Socialist Way". It is as old as any sort of government organization, and it was the SPECIFIC reason that the US Government was created as LIMITED.

So what do we really expect from a giant unionized bureaucracy where 90%+ of the employees vote for one party?? Why would they NOT protect their turf and the turf of those who feed their fine bureaucratic beast??

The core argument from the MSM and the BO administration is "this is just the way government works"!! On Benghazi, of course agencies cover their ass and want friendly leadership to be re-elected! It is human nature! It is like covering for the successful coach that likes young boys too much -- only in this case, we have aligned the system so our natural impulses are truly OK!

After you have held a series of anesthetizing bureaucratic chairs, it is completely natural to recuse yourself from an activity, yet forget when you did it and have no documentation of it! Who would question you?? If you were paying attention, it would be evidence you thought you were doing wrong -- life ought to be a gauzy drift. What was the issue again??

Oh, someone did seem to care or have other ideas. Why would it be "bad" to have them audited by the IRS??  "Bad"? What is that? The IRS is to protect the people -- from things like incorrect SCOTUS rulings like "Citizens United", or when the soon to be dead party of old white men and religious zealots fails to provide enough operational cash.

Does one really need to listen to the MSM and the IRS very long to realize that auditing organizations that do weird and unpopular things like "educate on the Constitution" is completely reasonable? Why would anyone even care about this??? Is the novo-hist ride of life in the US not smooth enough so that the populace can't just settle back and enjoy the ride?

Which brings us back to TCW. "Reward your friends, punish your enemies". Every chief  and king since the dawn of civilization has understood that calculus. It is the base calculus of earthly power. Executed properly and ruthlessly enough, it can be complete power. It was the calculus of power that Christ died on the cross to break, and the government practice thereof the nation of America was created to explicitly resist. Why WOULD some people fight against living where things are easy, morals are loose, and your acquiescence is all that is needed to drift along?

The enemy is not so much evil, but evil couched as banal. It has always been so -- since the apple in the garden.
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