Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Gray Lady Spells Benghazi

Official Offers Account From Libya of Benghazi Attack -

I include this because one can never be sure how quickly the MSM will find a way to suppress this story again.

I think back to the inverse stories;

  1. Watergate, a 3rd rate burglary that killed nobody and the the ONLY issue with the president was the cover-up. The MSM was RAVENOUS and we still regularly hear about it today. 
  2. Iran-Contra, a president arming freedom fighters in Nicaragua that proved to be eventually successful in gaining free elections, and much to the chagrin of Bianca Jagger, Jimmy Carter and the rest of the American left, removing their poster child for revolution, Daniel Ortega. 
  3. Plamegate -- The special prosecutor investigation into "the leak" of the identity of a "covert" CIA agent who drove in from her suburban DC home to Langley every day, and whose husband wrote a column in the New Yorker, and had her name listed in "Who's Who".
These 3 were all highly serious, and as a regular NPR listener, I often got to hear Daniel Schorr intone of the horrific threat to the republic that all involved. 

Over the same set of years, we had Jimmy Carter negotiating with the Iranians holding hostages, promising them ANYTHING if they could come through on an "October Surprise" that would get him elected. (They released the hostages inauguration day, much to Carter and the MSMs distaste). 

Slick Willie with Whitewater -- much ado about "nothing", 4 personal friends of the Clinton's and a former Governor of AK in prison, **BUT** the Clintons were "completely innocent" in much the same way as Slick "never had sex with that woman" ... but no matter, our entire MSM was anxious to "Move On" from these "distractions". 

So we come to this point. An actual, now clearly proven case where a US President fabricated a cover story to prevent embarrassment close to an election. Four Americans lost their lives ... quite likely because moving assets to deal with the known threat could have jeopardized the narrative that "BO has Al Qaeda on the run because he killed Osama". The guy that produced the film that was used for the fictional cover for this is STILL IN JAIL! (how is that for "1st amendment") 

As we saw during the Clinton years, these witnesses need to be very careful. Accidents, suicidal tendencies, and just good old fashioned massive character assassination are all things that somehow "crop up" when  the "Clintonistas" are on the prowl. 

There is going to be round two in the US MSM and Democrat party to BURY THIS SUCKER ASAP, as they did last fall. "Politicize"? This is the party that politicizes the daily weather report and how many gallons you use to flush your toilet. They have already answered the "have they no shame" question so many times it is laughable to ask it. 

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