Friday, May 03, 2013

The Horror of Attempted Heterosexuality

Ed Driscoll » Dispatches from the Department of That Which Cannot Be Said At Any Tme:

Oddly, although Howard Kurtz could not speak of the horror of Jason Collins having had a girlfriend,  "The View" happened to be playing on a set right in front of me while I was doing 30 min on a Precor. While I was not paying close attention, it APPEARED that it was "Gay Day" and they had some ex-singer from an apparent boy band on, and they were talking about throwing their bras at him and flashing him in earlier years ... but, he is gay now,  somewhat disappointing to the girls on The View, however, as good liberals, they are totally great with it outside the fact that it would have cut into what they were thinking when watching him in their past.

Seems like a lot of girls kinda like gay guys in somewhat the same way as vampires -- they are sometimes cute, and I guess they assume that the gayness works kind of the same as the no blood would work for a male vampire. A bit like "synthahol" on Star Trek.

Anyway, they seemed to be discussing some connection with Collins, which sounded like he had this "girlfriend" for like "8 years" ... or something, "a long time for a woman of that age, thinking that she was going to marry him ..." was a View girl talk concern I think.

So apparently, this is something like being black. If you are black you can talk about whatever race-wise  and it is A-ok, but not if you are white ... unless you are TOTALLY certified as having 100% in-liberal club handshake hope to die creds. Which I think Howard used to have, but he must have missed some memo or something. Similarly, if you are gay, then it is OK to talk about things like the horror of attempted heterosexuality, but not if you are into sex with the other sex.

This is quite difficult for me,  because I thought that Bi, confused, trans, and probably a few other things were A-OK too if you had the liberal brain. Just to show what a backwoods hick I am, I have hard time understanding how one would for example distinguish between a "bi-marriage" of say two guys and 4 or 5 women and polygamy, which is definitely double liberal sinful. I'm thinking Polygamy is really bad because Mormons do it, and apparently with only with one wife at a time, so that is BAAAD!!

They don't seem to talk much about the Bi-marriage, but when they go for "marriage freedom", it is ALWAYS  GLBT, and I would swear that the B was for Bi and the T was for Trans ... which is a whole other deal. Lots of times in engineering it is the "boundary conditions" that are the most difficult, and may even make one have 2nd thoughts about the feasibility of something. The idea of "Bi and Trans" in marriages seems "boundary" to me ... you have a great "gay marriage" and then somebody decides to change sexes. etc.

But thinking like "guys being guys" (I guess like only conservative guys, cuz liberals would never think this way), they could just "liberal sinfully" leave out the gay part and have a couple small legal polygamous marriages. I guess liberals would never do that -- leave out the holy gay thing and all, because it would be like sacrilegious for them, sort of a Taboo, like cannibalism or something.

Anyway, enough confusion for today.

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