Wednesday, May 01, 2013

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How Van Halen Explains the U.S. Government - Bloomberg:

I love the discussion of the "no brown M&Ms" contract requirement and the reason why it was done. That alone is worth reading this.

What the author fails to recognize is that if setting up for a Van Halen show is too complicated for many venues, there is literally ZERO hope for a Federal government to deal with salmon -- LET ALONE HEALTH CARE!!!

To be human is to be limited. We need to get VERY serious about studying Switzerland with it's 26 loosely federated Cantons. One of the richest countries on earth and the safest place to put your money. There ought to be as many management approaches for salmon  as there are little river regions that have salmon in the nation.

Things CAN'T be specified  by law or contract. Not setting up a Van Halen concert, not making drugs or firearms illegal and certainly not how people should think about anything at all. People are limited. Government is limited -- it can INCREASE THE LIMITATIONS to the point where one has North Korea with starving people resorting to cannibalism, but it is NOT an engine for good.

Government is an EXPENSE, and government at the level we have now is a bottomless pit that makes a combination drug and gambling habit look like "good stewardship" by comparison!

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