Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Warming to Wealth

Gore Is Romney-Rich With $200 Million After Bush Defeat - Bloomberg:

Good article covering Gore's rise to being worth something like $200M.

The left elite's firm view of vast wealth seems to be "if you say the right stuff, support the right causes, you are off the hook". Fail to do this -- as in "CEOs", "The Koch Bros", or even much smaller income people of the "wrong political, or even religious persuasion", and you must be demonized, maligned, and ideally either figuratively or actually if possible, roasted on the spit of public attack.

It all seems oh so French Revolution -- once the passions of the "99%" are ignited, will they spare the elite who lit the fuse? Maybe that is why DHS has 1.5B rounds of recently purchased hollow point and a bunch of military attack vehicles stationed around the country. 330M people, 5 rounds each. Sounds about right -- after the single digit millions that shoot back have been dispatched, they can pretty much just execute the rest.

I suppose that once you decide you are prune the tree of liberty from the roots, you just naturally develop some "Plan B, C, etc".

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