Sunday, May 12, 2013

Watergate to Benghazi

Eric Boehlert: Benghazi, Projection, and the Dark Obama Obsession:

I'd argue that this "dark obsession" has plagued alternative sides of any semi-successful (at least politically) presidency since Nixon.

Certainly EVERYTHING claimed in this article as applying to those who find Benghazi serious goes 10x for Watergate. Nobody died in Watergate. It's national or international import was absolutely zilch. The ENTIRE issue was the "coverup", and "did the president lie?". A new standard was established by the left in America  with Watergate -- at least REPUBLICAN president re-elected in an absolute landslide could be taken out of office if the proper game of "gotcha" could be executed against him.

So with Reagan we had Iran-Contra. Still no lives lost, but an opportunity for the Democrats to assert that "the will of Congress" had been usurped -- man, they love the Constitution when it seems to be on their side. Iran Contra was still brought up during the HW Bush election in '92.

Is it REALLY that surprising that Republicans eventually learned this tactic?? Slick Willie provided them with AMPLE opportunity, and I suppose that Whitewater was a "low standard" when a former governor of Arkansas and 5 or so of the Clinton's closest personal friends ended up in jail.

Does this columnist really think that there wasn't "war" on W for the whole 8 years???  Does nobody remember Dan Rather losing his job over fake documents?? Not to mention "Plamegate" ... Whitewater was a "low standard"?? Trying to make a "leak" that "outed" a CIA agent that drove to Langley every day and whose husband's "Who's Who" entry mentioned her by name? How many "secret agents" do you know whose husbands write controversial articles for magazines? BTW, "Plamegate" warranted a "special prosecutor" ... so Benghazi isn't even close until we get that far.

So we come to Obama. I happen to have read his first book, it isn't very hard to find A LOT of questions that would be asked of him if he had been coming from the "the other side" politically. His "borrowed dream" that he dedicated his life to is anti-colonialism. Righting the "injustice" of the expansion of Western civilization -- the return to tribalism and paganism. His "opposite" would be a "throwback", and "America First" sort that had no apologies for America, Christianity, Western civilization. Based on the treatment of W, I'd argue that the treatment of someone on the right that had a history that was as "anti-progressive" as Obama's is "anti-western civilization  would create an anger from the left to make the "dark obsession" with BO seem positively tame by comparison.

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