Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1,350 Weeks of WH Tours

White House defends high bills for Africa trip - Washington Times:

For the BO family trip to their homeland (as presented in "Dreams From My Father"), Americans get to spend $100M.

My thoughts:

  • I'm OK with this, AS LONG AS if there ever is another Republican president, they are treated the same. W wasn't ... any sort of vacation, trip, etc was talked about as "wrong in a time of war", expensive, etc. THE SAME STANDARD needs to be applied to all presidents!! 
  • However, when a president is claiming that "Sequester has crippled the government", and canceling WH tours because of it, the media needs to point out the hypocrisy of that! They can certainly do the same if an R is talking about "cutting the budget", making specific cuts that are noticed,  and then doing extravagant travel like this. NOT, usual presidential day to day including spending time at a residence, etc ... that is "part of the cost of the job". This is clearly optional, so given the position taken on WH tours, the press ought to be at least pointing out that BO is prioritizing his own stuff higher than things which might be useful to average Americans. 

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