Sunday, June 09, 2013

Converted to Progressive!!!!

Well, for front suspension on the Wing that is! I'm a big believer in technologies capability to improve TOOLS, I just think it is absolutely inept and worse than powerless at improving MAN!

Things that make you go "Holy < expletive >"!!! I put the Progressive Monotube cartridges on the Wing, along with the "All Balls" tapered steering bearings and the result is handling heaven!!

2006 Wing, 52K miles on it, tires at "half tread". Night and day on the ride and handling! Turned the the front fork from a sloppy blunt instrument into a precision carving tool. Easy 10mph faster on a 40mph curve, feeling MORE comfortable than the previous slower pace. Better handling at all speeds, better ride at all speeds, INCLUDING over sharp bumps -- no "jiggle, rattle, stutter" over a nasty expansion joint, just a semi-pleasant and confident THUMP. Maybe Scotty was wrong when he said "they canna change the laws of physics"!

I think the All Balls helped, but my guess is that it is mostly the Progressives. At the price though, it seems very unlikely that tapered roller bearings could not help SOME over the stock crap little BBs (My GOD, why would they put that kind of wimpy bearings in a $25K+ bike???

All in all a VERY impressive upgrade! 

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