Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Embracing the Multiverse

Why Some Scientists Embrace the 'Multiverse' | RealClearPolitics:

I reference this mostly because it showed up ... and I'm fascinated by physics, especially the quantum stuff and the multiverse theories.

My thinking in this is as follows:

  1. One will have faith in either God or in randomness and there will never be a "proof" either way from a material perspective. As this article covers however, to ignore the evidence on the side of intelligence requires a HUGE level of randomness. Note also, that God may well do "creation" through the use of "genetic algorithms" ... directed randomness. It is hard to beat the human hubris of setting up "rules" as to the boundaries in which an all-powerful, eternal and all-knowing God can operate! You WILL have faith ... it is as innate (and I'd say MORE so, because it deals with your spirit) as your heart pumping and breath being drawn.
  2. Humans are inherently untrustworthy and especially able to fool themselves into thinking they are not  -- maybe because of random evolution, maybe because of a fall to evil ala Genesis, again, no way to know that answer scientifically/philosophically, or to believe it can be "educated away". We DO all believe something, and we act on the basis of those beliefs.
  3. We arrived where we are today in Western Civilization either because Judaism, Christianity and Greek thought were the ordained design of God to arrive at this point, or because they were the most successful "memes" (genetic and conscious)  relative to human life and civilization. Again, only faith can select.
  4. Since the west has rejected it's prime roots -- both classical thought and Christianity, it has already committed suicide -- low birth rate, massive debt, soaring suicide rates, exploding corruption, loss of any future direction / shared cultural vision, etc, etc. In my view, whatever happens is STILL "God's Will" ... but if one is an atheist, it would seem a really good time to check the metaphysical compass, because the current results of your belief system are not looking good. 

So every once in awhile, a monkey somewhere in some multiverse randomly plays Beethoven's 5th on a randomly created piano, but even MORE amazing, sometimes Joe Biden utters something that makes sense ... "Gird your loins"!

Where do we go from here? God, guns, gold, canned food?  I think we we need at least a "remnant" that can survive and carry the few worthwhile artifacts of Western Civilization into the future -- AND I believe that God has a definite plan, even when it seems VERY unclear!

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  1. As I've considered this over the last few years of writing my book, what's struck me is the degree to which the multiverse is compatible with faith. I mean, shoot, here you have atheism seizing onto a cosmology that makes God not just possible, but inevitable. There's some irony there, but the Good Lord always did have a sense of humor. Check more out here: