Sunday, June 23, 2013

Government Healthcare Works in Sweden!

Obamacare in Sweden | National Review Online:

It is hard to read through something like this and even imagine how a PHD could think such thoughts.

Sweden is 3% the size of the US. Uh, lets see ... the technique I use for mailing 3 invitations will work perfectly for 100 (at least THAT scales linearly!).

I had 3 beers, it will be fine if I have 100. We have been managing our 3 person business using Quicken Home, is there any reason to suspect that we will need to make any changes as our business grows to 100 employees?

I'm hoping that SOME PHD economists might look at things a little differently ... or maybe our educational system is even worse than I think.

But as you read through this, it isn't even plain that Nationalized Healthcare does work, even in Sweden, even removing the obvious but unstated scaling fallacy.

Throw out accidental death, and the US has BETTER life expectancy than Sweden ... even as obese as we are.

The point he DOESN"T make is even worse. Consider how good your fire insurance is. You probably think "good", unless you had a recent price increase, because all you have experience with is paying it. A very very small percentage of us ever test it by having a fire.

So when you ask people in any country that has National Health about "how well they like it", because the vast majority of people are healthy, they will say "fine". Something like 70% of people will have little to no experience with it, and since it's cost is buried in taxes, it SEEMS "cheap". So it is "good".

I'm fairly convinced that for a significant percentage of the population (1/3? 40%?) they would really rather die than for there to be "expensive options" and "tough choices" rather than "standard for everyone, no choices possible" healthcare, no matter what the quality. Their views are similar for the economy ... it is more painful for some to excel than it is for the population to be "leveled" so that they need not have any thoughts about "why do I have less" ... even though, for that group, those thoughts always are at least outwardly answered by "because the system is rigged against the little guy", "because I never had a decent shot", "because life is UNFAIR!".

Which from a human perspective it often is! If you believe that is your personal case, please read this, and then reflect on "unfairness" ...

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