Monday, June 10, 2013

IRS, Outing Enemies

The Information-Revealing Service | National Review Online:

For you Non-Dominant Party members out there, this is the sound of the ratchet of tyranny taking a few more clicks.

We have been told what to believe about traditional marriage. The marriage of Christianity, of thousands of years of human culture. The foundation of Western Civilization. Defending traditional marriage is WRONG!

So here we have The National Organization for Marriage (NOM). An organization that already has 501c3 status

Their donor list, taken off their tax form, shows up on the website of a competing organization. There are really only two scenarios outside of space aliens that account for this. Either the IRS just leaked it as an organization, or an IRS employee committed a felony and leaked it.

This is very bad for freedom, but what is WORSE is that it is obvious that the Democrats in congress thought "NOM deserves it" ... they are a "hate organization" after all, right?? By wanting to keep marriage between one man and one woman, they have failed to leap on the current "progressive" train that first left the station in the Netherlands on April 1, 2001. (note, the first thing to go once one goes "progressive" is your sense of irony. April Fools Day in the "NETHERlands" ... "A fool says there is no God")

Marriage was marriage for millennia, then the "progressives" decide that it isn't one fine April Fools Day, and then it is downright evil to not have gotten the new word from the nether regions.

Now it is legitimate for a government agency to actively work to see that you are punished for not having your mind right on this issue.

When I was a kid, Americans discussed how the ACLU protected the rights of Nazis to march in Skokie IL even though in those days, everyone hated the Nazis.The Skokie marches were so well known that they included IL Nazis in the 1980 "Blues Brothers" movie.  The standard "end of the discussion" in those days  was "well, freedom of speech means that the rights of UNpopular speech have to be strongly protected".

People often ask, "how could something like Hitler happen"? It is pretty easy from where we are now.

  • Give away power to your government.
  • Let your government control which groups are "in" and which are "out". It felt "right" ... morally justified to be anti-semetic in 1930's Germany. The Jews had too much money. The Jews had strange religious ideas. The Jews exploited others. The Jews were bad.

    In the US today, "the Jews" are "The 1%", "The Religious Right", "The NRA", "Climate Deniers" or in this case "NOM".
  • Make sure your education, media and popular culture are all "on message". People need to be made to feel uncomfortable about discussing anything that is "off message". Eg, questioning climate change when it is cold out, talking about "scandals" like the IRS, being overtly Christian, owning guns, etc

    Probably even MORE important is to make people feel positive, part of the group, "moral and patriotic" when supporting the "proper" policies ... supporting gay "marriage", removing gun rights, sanctioning groups that are not "correctly patriotic" (eg Tea Party)
  • Increase the dependence on the government for daily life. People need to feel that the government is their only real protector and they need to feel a strong sense of unease if they are not in alignment with the government thought. It is CRITICAL that this be an every day thing -- their food, their medical care, their education, their information. All aspects of their life need to be seen as being tied to the goodness and approval of their benevolent government. 

Be your own judge of where we are at right now. "It can't happen here"?? I'd argue that it already has ... the 2nd Amendment and gun owners being the chief stumbling block to a "final solution".

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