Monday, June 03, 2013

Let's Civilly Murder the NRA

Left-wing journalism professor calls for mass slaughter of NRA | Human Events:

One of many of the common viewpoints of the "civil left", with this one just presented in print.

Those NRA guys are obviously completely nuts to suggest that there is support out there for the government to use violence to target people that make use of their Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. Oh wait, that is exactly what he is espousing -- he just has a very poor understanding of warfare.

One would REALLY think that after the Civil War, Vietnam, Mogadishu, Iraq, Afghanistan and a few others, that even the most daft of the US populace would get the picture that an armed populace is one of the LEAST desirable  things for any military to take on. (Check how well the French did in Indochina or the Soviets in Afghanistan).

My guess is that he would be much less sanguine about an F22 or M1A1 taking out his conservative neighbor if it were to happen, but then folks like him live in some universe that is very hard to capture the quantum shift zenith for.

Note how little we hear about "civility" these days. I actually like that part -- it is like the reprieve from "Global Warming" here in MN this spring. Oh, I know, like mosquitoes  the buzzing will be back, but those of us some small semblance of our own minds as free people need to find our small enjoyments when we can!

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