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Liberals are God

Articles: Why Liberals Kill:

I'm a Christian, so I believe this is a question of ETERNAL life vs simply "this life", but make no mistake, World View is very much a huge question of life and death for millions in THIS LIFE!

If you read this blog regularly, you have been exposed to all these points, but the author expresses them very well, if it is a choice, just ignore my words and go read the link. It is EXCELLENT!!

One caveat, he uses the word "liberal" to mean "statist", not it's original "open minded, accepting of diverse thought, favorable  to individual liberty", which can be confusing.

As Orwell warned us, the left LOVES to take words and change the meanings ... thus changing not just current meanings, but the meaning of history and the memories of older people still living,  thereby seeking to invalidate their life experience. The left seeks to invalidate civilization and life itself in the cause of "progress" toward "heaven on earth". This quest invalidates all other morality -- God, Country, Family, Love, Tradition, etc.

Here are a couple teaser quotes, but PLESE, just read it. It does an EXCELLENT job of covering why "liberals think" the way they do, and why thinking people are in grave danger.
This brings us to a truth about the modern left. Generally speaking, like all relativistic people, liberals don't have principles. 
They have feelings. 
And feelings change with the wind. 
Of course, some have learned the hard way - mostly through debating liberals, only to find they're virtually immune to reason - that the left isn't intellect-oriented but emotion-oriented. But the question is, why do liberals deify their own feelings?
"Liberals" are NOT thinkers ... they are feelers!! Which we ALL are, it is just if we let God or an extreme devotion to something outside ourselves we consider transcendent (eg. The Constitution) help us, we can SLIGHTLY modify that!  "Liberal" thinking is ONLY to rationalize what they FEEL as being ultimate morality and truth! This difference explains why conservatives and liberals have a GREAT deal of difficulty communicating!

I've long pointed out that the most basic difference between the people we today call liberals and traditionalists [conservatives] isn't the apparent ideological divide. It is that the latter tend to believe in Moral Truth whereas liberals are almost universally moral relativists.

This is nothing less than an issue of operating in two completely different universes of reality. When you believe in Truth, morality is something objectively real to you, like matter itself. And most significantly, you view it as what it is: unchanging. This means that your yardstick for morality is the same whether convenient or inconvenient, whether you're out of power - or in power. It is unbending and non-negotiable. Oh, this doesn't mean absolutists can't betray their principles; man is weak and we all falter. But in the aggregate, it serves as a "controlling power upon will and appetite," to quote Edmund Burke, and thus mitigates man's do-what-thou-wilt default.
So liberals are moral relativists, which ends up meaning that each person and how they feel is the ultimate arbiter of morals.
Why should I subordinate my feelings to yours, especially since mine are the only ones truly real to me? This is, mind you, what contributes to the deification of the self. Liberals' feelings do for them what God does for people of faith. They tell them how to behave.
And thus they are god!! If there is no external god, if there is nothing "sacred", then the ultimate authority is **ME**!!!

and thus, "consistency is not an issue" ... ONLY HOW **I** FEEL, that is the only divinity there is!
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