Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MSM on IRS etc, Get Your Mind Right!

Shifting IRS polls contradict key deposition -

The right message is that the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS was "accidental due to LACK of political interest".

PLEASE, get with the program! Don't be questioning IRS officials that are testifying! Have we not told you enough (wink, wink) so you KNOW what can happen to you if you get the "wrong message". The government keeps a lot of data on you, and if some of those bored $120K a year union employees would start "making mistakes" with it, well, there is really no predicting what kind of "accident" could happen!

Please, please, get your mind right!

BTW, Pravda, the old USSR "news leader", meant "Truth".

See, back when W was president, the administration did a lot of lying ... it was made fun of as "the age of truthiness" by some comics. See, Bush lied, people died. THAT administration could not be trusted. We needed a Special Prosecutor to investigate someone breaking the cover of a lady that drove to CIA headquarters every day ... I mean that is no reason to suspect she worked at the CIA just because she went there. There are LOTS of government workers that drive to buildings every day and pay a lot of union dues for whole careers, but never really "work there". In Washington, we call driving to work at the CIA every day but having it be a state secret that you "work there" to be Deep Cover!

Did I mention that we have a lot of data on you and mistakes are often made?

"Torture" (the kind we do to every one of our own Special Forces guys) NEVER works ... see, we are just wasting our time doing that to our own guys. Nobody would actually do that, because they know it is ineffective -- oh, and our Special Forces? Just bored government workers that have forgotten to stop putting the screws to their charges as part of training. Government changes slowly.

REMEMBER, the little tiny bit of data collection that we do on you foiled FIFTY (50!)+ nefarious terrorist attacks! These days we blow away suspected "terrorists" (er, well, "suspects") with drones. There is no need to ask them any questions ... asking questions never solves anything and can be confusing. Besides, we are closing Gitmo ... "soon". It was going to be day 1 of BO's first term, but it has somehow been held open by evil Republicans that clouded the minds of the patriotic Party Members when we held control of both houses in '09-'10 including the 60 votes in the Senate.  Heil BO! ... oops, strike that ... don't even think that, we would NEVER demand a loyalty oath.

 The "War on Terror" has come to an end! BO won! Personally, single handedly .... just like he killed Obama ... oh, uh, OSama. You can tell it is over because the Boston Marathon thing was a "bombing" and those poor misguided youth were NOT "terrorists". The most likely explanation for that "accident" is that we provide insufficient welfare support to our foreign guests and it is hard for nice Islamic guys to meet friends!

Ft Hood ... just "Workplace Violence" ... the idea that it had ANYTHING to do with "Terrorism" is foolish. It is like looking at the number of murders in Chicago and thinking that Gun Control doesn't work! Are you remembering the part about the data we have and "accidents"? Good.

BO is a guy you can trust!  When he says he only knows what he reads in the papers or sometimes mouths on the teleprompter. HE MEANS IT!! When he says the "War on Terror" is over, HE MEANS IT!

... and if you know what is good for you, you will remember what he tells you!!

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