Monday, June 03, 2013

The Ruling Party Punishes On

IRS may have targeted conservatives more broadly | McClatchy:

Could we just all be a tiny bit honest about this as a nation? The ruling party (Democrats) by virtue of owning education, media and government workers Federal, State, and Local, could care less if some "conservatives" suffer because of their views. The official Party position is "they deserve it" -- a lot. Some of them are even standing up and saying "Thanks IRS"!! They believe this is appropriate!!

As Reagan long pointed out, the left feels that "Free Speech" is the right to agree with them in lock step politically and to offend people with any sense of propriety or Christians as much as desired. Naturally, offending Muslims, Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, Women, or any other "special group" is "hate speech". Pick on Christians, white males or gun owners if you want to hate somebody legally.

Since BO is Black, the difference between "Political Speech" and "Hate Speech" is especially blurred right now.

There are a lot of very sad stories n the linked article about military veterans that decided to support a conservative cause being targeted, pro-life groups being told how they could speak, etc. For those that believe in the Rule of Law and the Constitution, these things are "chilling".

The MOST "chilling" however is that we now have actual admissions by the IRS that specific groups were targeted on the basis of political views, and the general level of outcry in the American public is minimal. The left is fine with this. The left sees this as "just". The left doesn't want to discuss it and simply labels it as "partisan politics" and a "Republican Issue".

This ought to be an AMERICAN ISSUE, with 80-90% of the population DEMANDING immediate and strong action to find out exactly who is responsible, how high it went, and doing strong prosecution + new government controls to insure this never happens again! This is WAY bigger than any scandal in my lifetime. Watergate was a burglary that really affected nobody. Iran / Contra was internal executive / legislative infighting. Monicagate was only bad in that Slick skated on actions in the workplace that would get anyone else in the country fired.

This is the government attacking American Citizens because of their political views. This is a core attack on the meaning of what America once was.

We have `crossed a line where behavior by government that is very clearly UNAMERICAN in the strongest terms is now completely acceptable to at least half of the population as long as it is "groups on the right" that are attacked by the government. They believe that it is right for them to benefit because of their political views and for others to be punished because of their political views!

This is how things operated relative to the Communist Party in the USSR and the National Socialist Party in Germany! Now we have it here!

THIS is why the 2nd Amendment is worth dying for. We are in extremely dangerous territory.

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