Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wishful Warmnism Admits Defeat

Global Warming Hiatus: Where Did the Heat Go | New Republic:

 "The exception proves that the rule is wrong." That is the principle of science. If there is an exception to any rule, and if it can be proved by observation, that rule is wrong." Richard Feynman

I'm not going to look up any Karl Popper right now, but you can if you want to ... Feynman is of course right, but it is really even WORSE than that!  NONE of our theories are "provabile", but they are ALL falseifiable! Even E=MC**2!! One "Black Swan" and your theory is not "settled". 

Ah, but you say "that has been repeatedly PROVED true!". Indeed, it is like the guy that jumps off a 100 story building with the theory that he will survive. You ask him how his test is going as he passes the 20th floor and he says "pretty good so far". 

**IF** the warmist models had been right on the money for the past 15 years, or even if they had been right for 100 years, that doesn't "prove" anything. Newton's laws were "laws" from 1687 until the early 20th century when Einstein showed they failed at the very small, the very fast and the very high mass. 

As this article explains, the warmist models HAVE NOT been supported by observation. Even the hard core warmists are forced to admit that now ... so what they have is EXCUSES. "Well, it could be this, or that, or something else ... BUT, you had all damned well quit using carbon ANYWAY!!!" 

That part is just human wishful thinking, desire for power/control, lack of willingness to admit mistakes. There is NOTHING "new" in the "current political climate". When the rule of law and the rules of science are abandoned, this is the kind of thinking that we ALWAYS get ... see back to Lamark, Lord Kelvin talking about the age of the earth, Lysenko in the USSR, "Cold Fusion" ... and on it goes. 

Newtonian Physics was never "settled science" ... and it is very clear that Quantum Mechanics is DEFINITELY not "settled". 

So, all the things that are built on top of the Quantum Universe ... which is EVERYTHING is NOT "settled". 

When this guy talks about "today's political climate" he is completely showing his human vs his scientific stripes. 

There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEW about folks with "sacred theories" doing a tap-dance about how their theory that doesn't match with OBSERVED RESULTS should be "given a 2nd chance". 2nd chances are for criminals, not scientific theories. 

The warmists, the progressives, the atheists and many more should at least pay heed to what was on Feynman's blackboard when he died: 

"What I cannot create, I do not understand."

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