Sunday, June 09, 2013

Worst Economic Performance in North America!

How Bad Is Obama’s Record on the Economy? This Bad | Power Line:

It is hard to overstate how damning of BO policies the chart in the linked article is. The once great US is underperforming Canada and Mexico!!

What is even harder to take is that like the various BO scandals, the "Dominant Party" absolutely does not care! One doesn't need to listen to very many of them for very long to realize that they are just fine with these results -- providing at least that "The Koch Brothers", "The Rich", "The 1%", the "Bitter Clingers", the "Haters" or whatever the whipping boy of the day "gets hurt the worst"!

It will take real loss of power, water and sewer and some hungry bellies before todays fully indoctrinated Sheeple start to realize that it is time for the people to rise up and throw off the new shackles of Bad King BO!

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