Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rule of Joe

Scarborough: "No Defense" For Shooting Young Black Man "Armed With Skittles" | RealClearPolitics:

At one time Joe occasionally made sense, but it appears that he is now firmly in the Mobocracy

The ENTIRE ISSUE is the question of self defense!

Was there evidence that Zimmerman could REASONABLY believe that he was in "immediate threat of death or great bodily harm" and that "escape was impossible" ... and "no lesser threat would do". That is the case the defense relied on and proved to a jury. Honoring that verdict would be a sign that America is still a nation of SOME laws rather than pure mob.

If we were a Rule of Law nation Zimmerman would never have been charged -- but we KNOW that we are mostly mob rule, it is now just a question of degree.

Joe has clearly left the Rule of Law nation ... it remains to be seen how much the rest of us have left against our will depending on what Holder or BO or the Black Panthers or the NAACP or some other group can come up with against Zimmerman.

Very true that all sorts of people, now including Joe,  are running around talking about skin color, age, drugs, hoodies, skittles, "stand your ground", iced tea, etc, etc. for whatever their reasons. Ratings, axes to grind, desire to make use of the tragedy, too much time (or air time) on their hands, etc.

We once were a great nation.
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Wiener Sptizer Maggot Phase

Wuthering Weiners | Power Line:

The linked column is a bit more serious than the titles suggest. Government and theories of government is at least as old as Aristotle, and how it evolves and DE-evolves over and over is quite well known.

Like each succeeding generation discovering sex and believing that no generation before them has really understood this marvelous "new" sensation, so too with countries and governance. There is really nothing new under the governance sun, mostly just different fashions ... eg. blow dried hair vs powdered wigs.

Our REPUBLIC lasted a bit longer because it was NOT a "Democracy" ... but as our founders were very worried, it slouched that way as any government with too wide a voter aperture does.

The forms of vermin that seek power in mob ruled tyrannies are also fairly well cataloged. The Weiner-Sptizer joins the Slick-John  (Slick Willie + John Edwards) in our current corpse.

I'm not sure that any political historian has done a scientific analysis of the type of maggot that appear during a decline in the same way the CSI types have done such analysis on maggots in a corpse, but it seems that it would be a very worthy pursuit.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Abandon Your Ground

Obama abandons his ground on “stand your ground” | Power Line:

Turns out that "Stand Your Ground" law, at least in FL, helps more blacks than whites and that our ever intelligent president voted for such a law when he was a representative in IL.

No matter, BO is the master of the politically expedient, and with the lap-dog media, why not?

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bill Whittle’s backgrounder | Power Line

Bill Whittle’s backgrounder | Power Line:

Ok, I REALLY want to be done with this story, but this Whittle backgrounder is WELL worth the time to watch!!!

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The Black Zimmerman

Roderick Scott Claims Self-Defense in Teen's Shooting - Rochester:

Even those of us that try our best to get both sides are puppets of the MSM and Ruling Elite. It is hard to search for that which we have no idea exists.

I can't tell if the teen that Scott shot was black, white, or "other" from the article... and I don't care. NOR SHOULD I CARE!

Remember the outcry and riots after this case?

I HATE being a puppet!!

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Barely Human

The Verdict on Black Life - CNN iReport:
The ugly truth being that as a black person, especially a dark skin black person, my life is not equal in value to a white person's life. My humanity is still a caricature in the public square of my own country. I am barely human. 
"As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth"

The hubris of mankind keeps thinking that various human lives have some "value" apart from eternal value, and maybe even that their "value" is increased by some sort of revenge that they would call "justice". 

Those people and the author of the linked article, need to realize that the Zimmerman verdict nor anything else done by man is capable of affecting the value of human life -- black, white, red, brown, yellow, paisley or alien. 

or born or unborn. 

With God, that value remains INFINITE, now and forever ... both for Zimmerman and Martin, and like all infinities, completely equal. Without God, the value of any sort of life is less than zero. A grasping slimy stinky random growth on the side of a random rock randomly orbiting a random star in a random universe. An accident that just keeps happening. 

Western man tried to make a poor copy of Gods Law with a written Constitution and Rule of Law that although based on Gods Law was supposed to be "separate but still sacred". Under that law, Self Defense is a basic human right, independent of race, age, sex, etc. But that is NOT the law that the author of the column subscribes to. What the author of the column subscribes to is "the law of the jungle" ... "survival of the fittest, most violent, most primitive".

Man is incapable of even COPYING the sacred for his own purposes without the power of God's Grace to help him follow his "own" copy of God's Law. The child sitting on Daddy's lap "driving" the car comes to mind.

To the believer, that is a wonderful picture -- us like children in the care of an almighty being, allowed to develop inside Gods boundaries. To the hater of God it is an ugly picture, and completely false. Like a spoiled 2 year old, they stomp their feet and say I did it MYSELF!!!

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

On Behalf of all White People

Chris Matthews Apologizes On Behalf “Of All White People” // Mr. Conservative:

It is very hard to even imagine the level of hubris and racist thought that goes into something like this.

Just WHO are "the White People"?  Does that include "White Hispanics" that little known racial group of which the only current known example is George Zimmerman?

MLK had a dream that we would no longer judge by the color of the skin. The Race Pimp Culture has a dream that the ONLY aspect we identify by is the color of the skin!

I await someone with the level of hubris needed to apologize for  Mathew's remark on behalf of all Race Pimps!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Havana Room Sharpton Lesson

Al Sharpton finds new love in a decades-younger Westchester stylist - NY Daily News:

Al Sharpton is a Party Boss. In the old USSR, the Zil Limo, the Dacha outside of Moscow and of course the young beautiful women went with Party Power. Strangely, in the US today the limo, the Havana Club, $10K suits and ... young beautiful women are the trappings of Party Power.

As our founding fathers fully understood, each free individual and the direction of a free nation is unpredictable, but corruption in people and nations is fully predictable. Our Founders believed that boots, powered wig or $10K suit, a beautiful young woman's effect on a man is unchanged and unchangeable. Clearly, they didn't understand how far we have "advanced". No need for a written Constitution, Rule of Law, Checks and Balances, and certainly not the scourge of religion with the perfected modern man!

The "progressive" believes that humans are infinitely perfectible -- but strangely is never able to point out exactly what model we are "perfecting toward". By removing "traditional morality", the picture of a sepulcral 58 year old with a buxom 35 year old is supposed to appear "just fine", with no "moral judgement" to be made.

It's really a test. Since you are human, your vast subconscious (some of us call it spirit or conscience) will look at the linked picture and things like "tawdry, betrayal, gold digger, shameful, etc" will float unbidden to the surface ... and if you are a male, along with that will instantly come "wow, I bet she is a lot of fun, amazing he can afford her ....". Unbidden, "just there".

I just admitted that I've not been "perfected". Members of The Party in good standing would look uncomfortably away. What a Neanderthal I am. How unsophisticated. How judgmental. Those kind of feelings are only allowed relative to somebody supporting the 2nd amendment, or wearing a fur coat, or (perish the thought) voting Republican.

Listening to "Party Leaders" talk about "the 1%" as if they were some alien entity, as far removed from their experience as "bitter clingers" to guns and religion aches with irony.

"The 1% IS The Party"!! Oh sure, they keep a couple exotic specimens of "people with money and conservative views" around to constantly show -- the Koch brothers being the current poster children. When someone says they have "a large collection", but they keep showing you only one example all the time, there might be a reason.

So a Party Boss wears expensive suits, hangs out at the exclusive Havana Club and likes to have young beautiful women on his arm. Being human is remarkably humbling if one stops for a couple seconds to let reality soak in rather than "the message" we are constantly basting in. There truly is nothing new under the sun. Or, more accurately, once the American Experiment that included Christianity in it's foundation was destroyed, we have returned to the same old ways of man.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shh, It's Detroit

The Zimmerman "news" is still the CNN "headline", under "the latest" we see that "a new US city has filed for bankruptcy"!

It's DETROIT!!! Ever hear of that city? I've heard they even have a couple professional sports teams.

The HEADLINE is still about a week old verdict and the name "Detroit" is left off the link to the story????

The city that was the shining star of liberalism, unionism and the "progressive movement" is BANKRUPT ... shhhhh, aren't you angry about the Zimmerman verdict??

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Abandoned Detroit, American Preview

Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit (PHOTOS) -

Maybe some folks can understand what is happening only by looking at pictures? In 1950 Detroit was a bustling city with 1.9 million people, no3 714K at the last census. Detroit was the MODEL for Unions, Big Government and Big Business -- the Democrat view of what works!

But it DOESN'T work! We KNOW it doesn't work! We can look at the pictures and see a once great and vibrant city laid waste by the very policies that BO has put in place in the US.

Why or why must we charge over this cliff with the rest of America? It seems that there is a built in time clock for once great civilizations that causes them to die as all other organisms do so that the future can gaze on the ruins.

But does the future ever learn??

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Bob Lee Swagger on Zimmerman

Stephen Hunter Comments on the George Zimmerman Verdict, and Guns | Power Line:

Well the author at least ... of "Point of Impact" which became the movie "Shooter". Worthwhile read on "profiling", "race reversal" and the KelTec PF-9 that Zimmerman defended himself with, which happens to be my current carry gun.

I must be getting to be a hardened shooter ... I don't find PF-9 to be bad to shoot compared to even the old KelTec .380, but maybe it is just because that tiny light puppy bit my hand once with the slide!

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Photos From the Zimmerman Verdict Mobs

25 Shocking Photos From Zimmerman Riots Sweeping The Nation // Mr. Conservative:

Those of us that have been around awhile have seen this before ... heavily in the late 60's with both civil rights and war unrest, Rodney King, and smaller versions when teams in certain US cities (not Green Bay) win championships, or even a smaller version in Chicago when BO was elected.

But we never had an Anti-Colonialist in the WH for any of those.

Countries don't just fall apart overnight, but it SEEMS that way when it finally happens. We have been losing our way for well over 100 years now, so we are "due". This kind of violence is what will be visible during the last throes, and a lot of the anti-law rhetoric that we hear now is what we will hear.

God gives us plenty of warning and plenty of grace ... to avoid an eternity in hell and to avoid hell on earth. Be ready temporally if  you care, but definitely be ready eternally!
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Monday, July 15, 2013

I Call It Racist Mob Rule, What Do You Call It?

Justice Failed Trayvon Martin | RealClearPolitics:

Robinson has a right to his opinion, but why oh why do major US news outlets give him a platform for spreading his idiocy, racism and incitement??

  • Zimmerman WAS arrested -- he was handcuffed, put in a police cruiser and there is video of him being taken into the station handcuffed. 
  • He was  not CHARGED  because there was no evidence to make a charge -- which the trial proved to the best of our ability to prove it under our system of justice. 
  • NOTHING in this column is relevant ... not Martin's age, his race, his attire, why he was where he was, if  it was prudent for Zimmerman to get out of his car, etc. 
The ONLY relevant question is if Martin in fact had Zimmerman on the ground and was beating him so that Zimmerman could "reasonably believe that he was in great danger of death or great bodily harm, no escape was possible, and no lesser force would do"!!!

That phrase is the mantra that you learn when you get a permit to carry.That phrase ought to be FULLY UNDERSTOOD by EVERYONE after all the time wasted on this case. The fact that it is not proves that our media has another agenda than reporting useful information.

 From Zimmerman's injuries and all other evidence, the answer to that question, now agreed to by a jury of his peers is YES!!

If there is any meaning at all in what Robinson writes here, it would be that:

  1. At least "non-blacks" (Zimmerman is Hispanic) have no freedom of movement in their own neighborhoods ... Zimmerman was "wrong to get out of his car".
  2. Non-blacks have no right to use a firearm to defend themselves at least against blacks. It appears that Robinson would have been OK if Martin was white or Zimmerman was black 
I call #2 the definition of RACIST. What do you call it?

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Open Season on Non-Blacks

Open season on black boys after a verdict like this | Gary Younge | Comment is free |
Since it was Zimmerman who stalked Martin, the question remains: what ground is a young black man entitled to and on what grounds may he defend himself? What version of events is there for that night in which Martin gets away with his life? Or is it open season on black boys after dark?
"stalked"? When someone is in your neighborhood, you have to "keep your distance"?  Really??

The versions of events where Trayvon "gets away" are: 
  1. He doesn't attack Zimmerman when he talks to him ... if he ever actually did talk to him.

    Even if Zimmerman wanted to "detain him", so what? I had an old couple in the Walmart lot ask me to hang around when they claimed that my car had rolled into theirs ... so the cop came and there was no damage and they looked like fools. What the hell? Assuming that the Trayvon story is what we are told, the same would have happened there. 
  2. Zimmerman is not armed and Martin seriously injures or kills him when he attacks him
I've went out and talked to people parked or walking in my neighborhood multiple times over the years. Mostly, they are lost, just stopped here to rest because it seemed secluded. Generally they have been very polite to me, probably because I'm a sensitive looking guy.

Once, years ago, when druggies were walking across my back yard at another house to a known dealer and I had little kids, I confronted a couple of them.  On one occasion, when the response from one of them didn't meet my standards, I mentioned that the next time his motorcycle was parked where it was it would be picked up and thrown in the ditch and he could call the police if he liked and explain why he was using my back yard for a sidewalk. He almost said something else, but then I think realized that doing that with his 200lbish  cycle was actually easily within the realm of potential, so thought the better of further comment due to prospects for harm to his 160ish carcass.

Such is the kind of thing that happens in modern America ... and it is worse now than it was then. When you are in a different neighborhood, even when you are there for absolutely legitimate purposes, being polite and courteous if someone is interested in what you are up to is just reasonable ... or at least used to be.

But we don't need to see many of these sorts of articles or statements to know that we are going to have plenty of "getting even" from blacks against anyone that is not black ... hispanics, orientals and whites. Because blacks are "aggrieved" ... and there are PLENTY of folks out there to make that case even though the current US president happens to be black.

If you are a white person in a black neighborhood, you are considered "crazy" ... and if it is dark, lots of folks think "you deserve what happens to you".

Obviously the writer of this article would see your demise as "just desserts".

Why is it again that we just can't all get along?

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Rule of Media

Here is CNN this AM. What now?? Federal charges? Civil trial? Just kill Zimmerman on the street??

At one time there was Rule of Law, and it was honored!! The defendant was ASSUMED INNOCENT got as fair a trial as society could muster. If the verdict was that they were STILL innocent, then they were FREE!! Done.

No double jeopardy. No threat at least from major media people that someone else may deal out a different kind of "justice" for you.

Those days are clearly gone.

What if Zimmerman had not had a carry gun or not been able to get it pulled and Martin succeeded in killing him?? It is absolutely certain that we would never have known the name George Zimmerman.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Law Based Zimmerman Discussion

The Zimmerman Case Is About Race? Why? | Power Line:

I'm mostly posting this for my own recollection. I think it does a great job of showing the media activist myth .... "Innocent black child gunned down in the street by violent white vigilante", vs the evidence presented in court;  "young adult black male MMA trainee on top of and beating 30ish hispanic guy gets shot and killed by carry gun".

Why is it again that there is a lot of disagreement in America?

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Jabba the Hut Government

Daniel Henninger: Big Government Implodes -

The BOcare delay is no surprise to anyone that has ever worked with any organization larger than a small local church, gun club or neighborhood organization. To be honest, it isn't really a surprise to anyone that has been married or even  tried to plan a weekend with friends.

My guess is that a lot of it "could" be implemented in the standard stupid large organization fashion, but BO and company just didn't want the open pain to have a potential impact on 2014. They win the house in 2014 and then it really is over except for bloodshed ... with no voter ID, Undocumented Democrats streaming in over the borders and a completely blank check to destroy the last of the private economy and force 80% of the country into government dependence than the current "mere" 47-50%, it's already over, the issue is just how.

The delay won't avoid pain, it will just delay it ... at the cost of more uncertainty dragging on the economy.

I'm not nearly as sanguine about his view that "government will implode and liberalism with it" ... I think slow sink to a "Neutron Country" where nothing moves, followed by a possible "Supernova" of upheaval is the most likely "end".

What blasts out of the Supernova wreckage is anyones guess.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Regime Rots On

The case of Aurelia Fedenisn | Power Line:

My guess is that BO hands this fast falling totalitarian state over to Hillbilly in 2016. Her "leadership" at the State Dept shows us the general shape of the levels of corruption that we can expect.

The linked article is well worth the read, and maybe going and looking at the CBS coverage if you have doubts about it being some "right wing nutjob creation".

It's over folks. When the corruption gets to the level where every part of the ruling junta has so many scandals that you can't even track them, but nobody cares one whit, then stick a fork in it. It's done.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Black Man Stands Up To Race Pimps

Pastor Ken Hutcherson to Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘Not Again’ |

No more to say. Well said!

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While America Burns, The Media Pimps the Porn

Roger L. Simon » The Zimmerman Trial as Media Pornography:

I found this paragraph just oh so right on:
As I write this, Egypt teeters on the brink of civil war, Syria is still in civil war, Lebanon is also on the brink, Iran marches forward to nuclear arms, the U.S. economy remains a mess, unemployment is rampant, more people are on food stamps than work in the private sector, the deficit grows exponentially by the second, Social Security is going bankrupt, Medicare is going bankrupt, the IRS has virtually taken over the country and is about to subsume healthcare, Benghazi remains unresolved, the NSA is spying on everything and everybody between here and Alpha Centauri and we’re (I) worrying George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin?!

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Zimmerman, Law, Aristocracy

In Zimmerman's trial, it's a jury of millions -

Edmund Burke and many of our founding fathers fully understood how to prevent the kind of mess that we see in things like the OJ trial and now the Zimmerman trial.

We were to be a nation ruled by LAW, not by MOB!!

One only needs to read through the sad linked article to see that we have left that path by so far that we no longer even recall what law means.

ALL people feel, ALL the time ... only a FEW people can reason well at any time, and even then, they can only reason for a limited time about limited things. It is terribly difficult for any of us to make reason win out over emotion!!

Which is why we once had religion, civilization and "aristocracy".

 I use the last word in quotes, since it is such a problematic word today. It does NOT mean "wealth", although many in the "aristocratic class" will be wealthy ... it means virtuous, intelligent, well bred, well spoken, well educated, reasonable, mature, wise, moral, etc ... the "best of humanity". It means that although we have equal OPPORTUNITY and we are EQUAL UNDER THE LAW, and EQUAL IN THE SIGHT OF GOD, not all of us play basketball as well as Michael Jordan ... or even LeBron James.

Even harder for modern man to swallow, far from all of us are "of equal ability and use to mankind" as Plato, Cicero, Da Vinci, Newton, Washington, Lincoln, Churchill ... well you get the picture. I know such thinking is difficult for modern man, but trust me, in the words of Josie Wales "A man's got to know his limitations" ... and he is always better for knowing.

Is this REALLY that hard to understand?? Have we been so indoctrinated with the idea that "everyone has their own view, and they all have their points", and that "we are all special",  that we don't understand the basic fact that there are real events that happen, and they MUST be decided by Rule of Law vs Rule of Mob, or the very quick result will be a bloodbath and subsequent dictatorship. Is it REALLY that long since Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler, Stalin and the French Revolution??? Are humans really not trainable and doomed to another thousand years or so of "Dark Age"??

Law, Judgement and Judges require that we have respected people and respected institutions that step outside of the emotional attachments that all of us have and RULE ON THE BASIS OF LAW!

Either Martin knocked Zimmerman to the ground and was wailing on him well enough so Zimmerman had REASONABLE CAUSE to believe that:


or, it can be PROVEN that the above was NOT the case.

It is ZIMMERMAN who is on trial ... under the system we supposedly believe in and pledge allegiance to, he is PRESUMED INNOCENT!!! The burden is on the state to PROVE that Zimmerman DID NOT have REASONABLE cause ... note. REASONABLE. The jury should simply be asked if a REASONABLE PERSON when on their back with a large young man on top of them wailing away and pounding their head into the pavement saying they were going to kill them could REASONABLY come to the conclusions above!!

If we operated under the Rule of Law, that would mean that this going to trial would never happen. The burden of proof required by the state for 2nd degree MURDER in FL is that Zimmerman acted "with a depraved mind"  to kill this kid!!! Usually that means that Zimmerman knew Martin well, and "something happened" to cause the "depraved mind".

In this case, there was no legitimate way for the state to prosecute Zimmerman, so a charge had to be created due to public outcry. The only path that they really had was to try to "prove" that a mixed Hispanic - Caucasian - Black was motivated by "racism" to stalk and kill a black kid ... who pushed him to the ground and started wailing on him with marital arts blows.

But since we DON'T live under the Rule of Law, it goes to trial and we write long articles trying to make claims that "all sides have a point" and virtually demanding that if "your side" ... "loses", then there really ought to be at least outcry if not violence!!



We have lost the Rule of Law. We no longer respect God, our history, our institutions, our "betters" (or even believe that there are such), and most of all we don't respect ourselves. How could we?? We have abandoned the entire structure of Western Civilization which gave us a framework within which to have such respect.

We have no "right" when we see someone that we don't know walking around our neighborhood to walk and ask them "Can I help you? Are you lost?" ... and if they turn and attack us we have no right to defend ourselves??? Or is it just if they are not of the same race as is normally in our neighborhood that this right is suspended?

or is it ONLY if our neighborhood is predominately caucasian and the person is what? black, hispanic? indian? oriental? Do they all have to be treated differently? Is that what "equality before the law" has come down to??

I strongly suspect that if I am walking around N Minneapolis at night, the "rules" are just a tiny bit different!

We need God, "Betters" ("aristocrats"), and Law. Without these, we are just a bunch of tribes lost in the jungle.

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Saturday, July 06, 2013

I Lust, Therefore I Am

The Future of Religious Liberty -

One of the reasons that transcendence, especially religious transcendence, and I would argue superlatively Christianity moves man to a higher plane is because of where the vision is focused. Fail to "aim high", and the genitals or lower are often the target that is hit.

Is sex something we do, or is it who we are?
During the sexual revolution, we crossed a line from sex being something you do to defining who you are. When it enters into that territory, we move beyond the possibility of having a society in which sex acts were tolerated, in the Mrs. Patrick Campbell sense – "I don't care what they do, so long as they don't do it in the street and frighten the horses" – and one where it is insufficient to be anything but a cheerleader for sexual persuasion of all manner and type, because to be any less so is to hate the person themselves. Sex stopped being an aspect of a person, and became their lodestar – in much the same way religion is for others. As Walker Percy wrote, "Pascal told only half the story. He said man was a thinking reed. What man is, is a thinking reed and a walking genital."
People do a lot of things ... art, poetry, prayer, mathematics, macrame ... and yes, we urinate, defecate, and copulate ... or "piss, shit and fuck" in the more earthy modern vernacular.

What defines us as humans? For thousands of years, Western Civilization worked to crawl up from the latrine or the bed of marital or purely lustful carnality to the planes of reason, logic, philosophy, religion, culture, etc.

No longer. Now you are DEFINED by what your genitals desire!!

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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Still Sparks of Freedom

Reporting From the Land of the Free [UPDATED With Firearms and Fireworks] | Power Line:

I recall my dad fondly remembering his dad LEGALLY setting off a stick of dynamite to initiate the day of celebrating the birthday of what used to be a proudly FREE COUNTRY with all sorts of LEGAL fireworks.

When I was a kid, scrounging up a few ILLEGAL firecrackers, and yes, in those days M-80s and Cherry Bombs was the only illegal activity that my parents condoned, It was the 60s ... we were still a nation that was willing to take great risk, effort and expense to go to the moon, but letting kids legally shoot off fireworks was beyond the pale nationally -- TOO RISKY! The all powerful State had to step in and limit freedom to "protect us from ourselves".

By the time I was a father, SPARKLERS were illegal in MN ... although the "nutcase", Jessie the Bod, did get those and a few fountains legalized. My most major brush with the law came when 3 police cruisers showed up to shut down our fireworks display ... we did go just a bit overboard, purchasing wholesale in WI.

At this point it looks like the America of 1776 is LONG over ... and it looks grim for the future. BUT ... there are still some bastions of freedom like South Dakota covered in the linked PL post.

Sometimes the actual sparks of fireworks ... legal or illegal, mean more than all the lofty works. Go out and shoot and blow things up! That is at least as much what it means to be American than any lofty words!

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