Sunday, July 21, 2013

Barely Human

The Verdict on Black Life - CNN iReport:
The ugly truth being that as a black person, especially a dark skin black person, my life is not equal in value to a white person's life. My humanity is still a caricature in the public square of my own country. I am barely human. 
"As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth"

The hubris of mankind keeps thinking that various human lives have some "value" apart from eternal value, and maybe even that their "value" is increased by some sort of revenge that they would call "justice". 

Those people and the author of the linked article, need to realize that the Zimmerman verdict nor anything else done by man is capable of affecting the value of human life -- black, white, red, brown, yellow, paisley or alien. 

or born or unborn. 

With God, that value remains INFINITE, now and forever ... both for Zimmerman and Martin, and like all infinities, completely equal. Without God, the value of any sort of life is less than zero. A grasping slimy stinky random growth on the side of a random rock randomly orbiting a random star in a random universe. An accident that just keeps happening. 

Western man tried to make a poor copy of Gods Law with a written Constitution and Rule of Law that although based on Gods Law was supposed to be "separate but still sacred". Under that law, Self Defense is a basic human right, independent of race, age, sex, etc. But that is NOT the law that the author of the column subscribes to. What the author of the column subscribes to is "the law of the jungle" ... "survival of the fittest, most violent, most primitive".

Man is incapable of even COPYING the sacred for his own purposes without the power of God's Grace to help him follow his "own" copy of God's Law. The child sitting on Daddy's lap "driving" the car comes to mind.

To the believer, that is a wonderful picture -- us like children in the care of an almighty being, allowed to develop inside Gods boundaries. To the hater of God it is an ugly picture, and completely false. Like a spoiled 2 year old, they stomp their feet and say I did it MYSELF!!!

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