Saturday, July 06, 2013

I Lust, Therefore I Am

The Future of Religious Liberty -

One of the reasons that transcendence, especially religious transcendence, and I would argue superlatively Christianity moves man to a higher plane is because of where the vision is focused. Fail to "aim high", and the genitals or lower are often the target that is hit.

Is sex something we do, or is it who we are?
During the sexual revolution, we crossed a line from sex being something you do to defining who you are. When it enters into that territory, we move beyond the possibility of having a society in which sex acts were tolerated, in the Mrs. Patrick Campbell sense – "I don't care what they do, so long as they don't do it in the street and frighten the horses" – and one where it is insufficient to be anything but a cheerleader for sexual persuasion of all manner and type, because to be any less so is to hate the person themselves. Sex stopped being an aspect of a person, and became their lodestar – in much the same way religion is for others. As Walker Percy wrote, "Pascal told only half the story. He said man was a thinking reed. What man is, is a thinking reed and a walking genital."
People do a lot of things ... art, poetry, prayer, mathematics, macrame ... and yes, we urinate, defecate, and copulate ... or "piss, shit and fuck" in the more earthy modern vernacular.

What defines us as humans? For thousands of years, Western Civilization worked to crawl up from the latrine or the bed of marital or purely lustful carnality to the planes of reason, logic, philosophy, religion, culture, etc.

No longer. Now you are DEFINED by what your genitals desire!!

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