Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jabba the Hut Government

Daniel Henninger: Big Government Implodes -

The BOcare delay is no surprise to anyone that has ever worked with any organization larger than a small local church, gun club or neighborhood organization. To be honest, it isn't really a surprise to anyone that has been married or even  tried to plan a weekend with friends.

My guess is that a lot of it "could" be implemented in the standard stupid large organization fashion, but BO and company just didn't want the open pain to have a potential impact on 2014. They win the house in 2014 and then it really is over except for bloodshed ... with no voter ID, Undocumented Democrats streaming in over the borders and a completely blank check to destroy the last of the private economy and force 80% of the country into government dependence than the current "mere" 47-50%, it's already over, the issue is just how.

The delay won't avoid pain, it will just delay it ... at the cost of more uncertainty dragging on the economy.

I'm not nearly as sanguine about his view that "government will implode and liberalism with it" ... I think slow sink to a "Neutron Country" where nothing moves, followed by a possible "Supernova" of upheaval is the most likely "end".

What blasts out of the Supernova wreckage is anyones guess.

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