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Open Season on Non-Blacks

Open season on black boys after a verdict like this | Gary Younge | Comment is free |
Since it was Zimmerman who stalked Martin, the question remains: what ground is a young black man entitled to and on what grounds may he defend himself? What version of events is there for that night in which Martin gets away with his life? Or is it open season on black boys after dark?
"stalked"? When someone is in your neighborhood, you have to "keep your distance"?  Really??

The versions of events where Trayvon "gets away" are: 
  1. He doesn't attack Zimmerman when he talks to him ... if he ever actually did talk to him.

    Even if Zimmerman wanted to "detain him", so what? I had an old couple in the Walmart lot ask me to hang around when they claimed that my car had rolled into theirs ... so the cop came and there was no damage and they looked like fools. What the hell? Assuming that the Trayvon story is what we are told, the same would have happened there. 
  2. Zimmerman is not armed and Martin seriously injures or kills him when he attacks him
I've went out and talked to people parked or walking in my neighborhood multiple times over the years. Mostly, they are lost, just stopped here to rest because it seemed secluded. Generally they have been very polite to me, probably because I'm a sensitive looking guy.

Once, years ago, when druggies were walking across my back yard at another house to a known dealer and I had little kids, I confronted a couple of them.  On one occasion, when the response from one of them didn't meet my standards, I mentioned that the next time his motorcycle was parked where it was it would be picked up and thrown in the ditch and he could call the police if he liked and explain why he was using my back yard for a sidewalk. He almost said something else, but then I think realized that doing that with his 200lbish  cycle was actually easily within the realm of potential, so thought the better of further comment due to prospects for harm to his 160ish carcass.

Such is the kind of thing that happens in modern America ... and it is worse now than it was then. When you are in a different neighborhood, even when you are there for absolutely legitimate purposes, being polite and courteous if someone is interested in what you are up to is just reasonable ... or at least used to be.

But we don't need to see many of these sorts of articles or statements to know that we are going to have plenty of "getting even" from blacks against anyone that is not black ... hispanics, orientals and whites. Because blacks are "aggrieved" ... and there are PLENTY of folks out there to make that case even though the current US president happens to be black.

If you are a white person in a black neighborhood, you are considered "crazy" ... and if it is dark, lots of folks think "you deserve what happens to you".

Obviously the writer of this article would see your demise as "just desserts".

Why is it again that we just can't all get along?

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