Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Photos From the Zimmerman Verdict Mobs

25 Shocking Photos From Zimmerman Riots Sweeping The Nation // Mr. Conservative:

Those of us that have been around awhile have seen this before ... heavily in the late 60's with both civil rights and war unrest, Rodney King, and smaller versions when teams in certain US cities (not Green Bay) win championships, or even a smaller version in Chicago when BO was elected.

But we never had an Anti-Colonialist in the WH for any of those.

Countries don't just fall apart overnight, but it SEEMS that way when it finally happens. We have been losing our way for well over 100 years now, so we are "due". This kind of violence is what will be visible during the last throes, and a lot of the anti-law rhetoric that we hear now is what we will hear.

God gives us plenty of warning and plenty of grace ... to avoid an eternity in hell and to avoid hell on earth. Be ready temporally if  you care, but definitely be ready eternally!
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