Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rule of Joe

Scarborough: "No Defense" For Shooting Young Black Man "Armed With Skittles" | RealClearPolitics:

At one time Joe occasionally made sense, but it appears that he is now firmly in the Mobocracy

The ENTIRE ISSUE is the question of self defense!

Was there evidence that Zimmerman could REASONABLY believe that he was in "immediate threat of death or great bodily harm" and that "escape was impossible" ... and "no lesser threat would do". That is the case the defense relied on and proved to a jury. Honoring that verdict would be a sign that America is still a nation of SOME laws rather than pure mob.

If we were a Rule of Law nation Zimmerman would never have been charged -- but we KNOW that we are mostly mob rule, it is now just a question of degree.

Joe has clearly left the Rule of Law nation ... it remains to be seen how much the rest of us have left against our will depending on what Holder or BO or the Black Panthers or the NAACP or some other group can come up with against Zimmerman.

Very true that all sorts of people, now including Joe,  are running around talking about skin color, age, drugs, hoodies, skittles, "stand your ground", iced tea, etc, etc. for whatever their reasons. Ratings, axes to grind, desire to make use of the tragedy, too much time (or air time) on their hands, etc.

We once were a great nation.
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