Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wiener Sptizer Maggot Phase

Wuthering Weiners | Power Line:

The linked column is a bit more serious than the titles suggest. Government and theories of government is at least as old as Aristotle, and how it evolves and DE-evolves over and over is quite well known.

Like each succeeding generation discovering sex and believing that no generation before them has really understood this marvelous "new" sensation, so too with countries and governance. There is really nothing new under the governance sun, mostly just different fashions ... eg. blow dried hair vs powdered wigs.

Our REPUBLIC lasted a bit longer because it was NOT a "Democracy" ... but as our founders were very worried, it slouched that way as any government with too wide a voter aperture does.

The forms of vermin that seek power in mob ruled tyrannies are also fairly well cataloged. The Weiner-Sptizer joins the Slick-John  (Slick Willie + John Edwards) in our current corpse.

I'm not sure that any political historian has done a scientific analysis of the type of maggot that appear during a decline in the same way the CSI types have done such analysis on maggots in a corpse, but it seems that it would be a very worthy pursuit.
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