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Zimmerman, Law, Aristocracy

In Zimmerman's trial, it's a jury of millions - CNN.com:

Edmund Burke and many of our founding fathers fully understood how to prevent the kind of mess that we see in things like the OJ trial and now the Zimmerman trial.

We were to be a nation ruled by LAW, not by MOB!!

One only needs to read through the sad linked article to see that we have left that path by so far that we no longer even recall what law means.

ALL people feel, ALL the time ... only a FEW people can reason well at any time, and even then, they can only reason for a limited time about limited things. It is terribly difficult for any of us to make reason win out over emotion!!

Which is why we once had religion, civilization and "aristocracy".

 I use the last word in quotes, since it is such a problematic word today. It does NOT mean "wealth", although many in the "aristocratic class" will be wealthy ... it means virtuous, intelligent, well bred, well spoken, well educated, reasonable, mature, wise, moral, etc ... the "best of humanity". It means that although we have equal OPPORTUNITY and we are EQUAL UNDER THE LAW, and EQUAL IN THE SIGHT OF GOD, not all of us play basketball as well as Michael Jordan ... or even LeBron James.

Even harder for modern man to swallow, far from all of us are "of equal ability and use to mankind" as Plato, Cicero, Da Vinci, Newton, Washington, Lincoln, Churchill ... well you get the picture. I know such thinking is difficult for modern man, but trust me, in the words of Josie Wales "A man's got to know his limitations" ... and he is always better for knowing.

Is this REALLY that hard to understand?? Have we been so indoctrinated with the idea that "everyone has their own view, and they all have their points", and that "we are all special",  that we don't understand the basic fact that there are real events that happen, and they MUST be decided by Rule of Law vs Rule of Mob, or the very quick result will be a bloodbath and subsequent dictatorship. Is it REALLY that long since Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler, Stalin and the French Revolution??? Are humans really not trainable and doomed to another thousand years or so of "Dark Age"??

Law, Judgement and Judges require that we have respected people and respected institutions that step outside of the emotional attachments that all of us have and RULE ON THE BASIS OF LAW!

Either Martin knocked Zimmerman to the ground and was wailing on him well enough so Zimmerman had REASONABLE CAUSE to believe that:


or, it can be PROVEN that the above was NOT the case.

It is ZIMMERMAN who is on trial ... under the system we supposedly believe in and pledge allegiance to, he is PRESUMED INNOCENT!!! The burden is on the state to PROVE that Zimmerman DID NOT have REASONABLE cause ... note. REASONABLE. The jury should simply be asked if a REASONABLE PERSON when on their back with a large young man on top of them wailing away and pounding their head into the pavement saying they were going to kill them could REASONABLY come to the conclusions above!!

If we operated under the Rule of Law, that would mean that this going to trial would never happen. The burden of proof required by the state for 2nd degree MURDER in FL is that Zimmerman acted "with a depraved mind"  to kill this kid!!! Usually that means that Zimmerman knew Martin well, and "something happened" to cause the "depraved mind".

In this case, there was no legitimate way for the state to prosecute Zimmerman, so a charge had to be created due to public outcry. The only path that they really had was to try to "prove" that a mixed Hispanic - Caucasian - Black was motivated by "racism" to stalk and kill a black kid ... who pushed him to the ground and started wailing on him with marital arts blows.

But since we DON'T live under the Rule of Law, it goes to trial and we write long articles trying to make claims that "all sides have a point" and virtually demanding that if "your side" ... "loses", then there really ought to be at least outcry if not violence!!



We have lost the Rule of Law. We no longer respect God, our history, our institutions, our "betters" (or even believe that there are such), and most of all we don't respect ourselves. How could we?? We have abandoned the entire structure of Western Civilization which gave us a framework within which to have such respect.

We have no "right" when we see someone that we don't know walking around our neighborhood to walk and ask them "Can I help you? Are you lost?" ... and if they turn and attack us we have no right to defend ourselves??? Or is it just if they are not of the same race as is normally in our neighborhood that this right is suspended?

or is it ONLY if our neighborhood is predominately caucasian and the person is what? black, hispanic? indian? oriental? Do they all have to be treated differently? Is that what "equality before the law" has come down to??

I strongly suspect that if I am walking around N Minneapolis at night, the "rules" are just a tiny bit different!

We need God, "Betters" ("aristocrats"), and Law. Without these, we are just a bunch of tribes lost in the jungle.

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