Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Amazon Beats MN!

Amazon drops blogger affiliates in Minnesota to avoid sales tax | Star Tribune:

I just did an Amazon order and paid attention to the fact that no sales tax was collected on it. I can remember the big discussion prior to July 2 as to the potential for Amazon to have to collect MN Sales taxes.

Apparently they just "fired" anyone in MN that was directing revenue to their site and were thus able to bypass.

Kudos to Amazon ... they dropped one of the many reasons for residents to move to a another state off the LONG list of reasons to leave MN. MN ought to send them a check!

I'll give you another ... we are in the early (we believe) phases of looking at a potential move to IA.

Our property taxes in Rochester MN, $4,500 (and rising rapidly). Property tax on a similar property in rural IA? < $1K.

$3,500 a year savings there alone!

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