Friday, August 23, 2013

Chris Lane, Trayvon Martin, Law vs Mob

No, Chris Lane is not Trayvon Martin! -

As this column says, "If you want to actually understand race relations in this country, you need to understand the difference between these cases." For folks like Salon, that isn't going to happen  until something like one of the following happens:

  1. All "non-MSM media" are stamped out and people think and believe what they are told or they are nabbed by NSA surveillance and prosecuted under IRS or other "hate crime" laws for not thinking what the State/State Supporting Media has declared to be "truth". 
  2. We become re-educated in historical, fundamental legal rights like self-defense and generally VOLUNTARILY agree to live under the rule of law as free men. 

This nation was founded under 2 and continues to slide toward 1. Are there "right wing" folks that will exploit things that happen? Sure, obviously that is the case on the left as well. However, that doesn't change the fact that the Zimmerman / Martin case was and is an open and shut case of self-defense, a human right at the basis of all human interaction. If you can't defend yourself when someone is on top of you pounding your head into the pavement than the right to self defense doesn't exist, as since it is Natural Law, we all really know that it does. In order to accept current "state truth" you have to deny Natural Law.

"Stand Your Ground" was not used in the case and has no bearing on the case. If you are in fear for your life and can't escape, that is self defense, and that was the defense which Zimmerman used and was freed under.

Any remotely dispassionate analysis will see that the Zimmerman/Martin case was latched onto by the left as a "cause" with no regard for George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin. The new racial class of "White Hispanic" had to be created especially for the case, since the normal "Brown Hispanic" would be the wrong color. The idea was and is to "fire up the base" for political purposes and to keep the focus off a floundering president.

Why Henry Gates is even in the column is a mystery except I guess when one has very weak arguments a bit of screen helps.

**IF** George Zimmerman had actually just stalked and killed Trayvon Martin in cold blood and the police had let him go, then there would be a comparison something like what Salon imagines. But what the police did was see an obvious case of self defense that wasn't possible to prosecute, and  made the right decision, proven by the fact that a court of law reached the same c=-verdict. If we lived in nation 2, this column would never be written without near universal disapproval.

Will the right try to exploit the Lane case? Sure, but only because while we clearly don't live in nation 2 anymore, we have not yet "progressed" all the way to nation 1, so there is a need to try to get people to wake up and return to nation 2 before we damage ourselves farther. If people that care about rule of law and freedom don't stand up and talk, the alternative is going to end up being bloodshed since free men will not go quietly into nation 1.

We ought to take note of that and return to the rule of law!

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