Friday, August 30, 2013

Does the UK Now Matter?

U.K. Parliament Rejects Syria Action -

When W went into Iraq with the full backing and participation of the UK, the US media and guys like BO said that he "acted alone". When W in a SOTU speech said that "British Intelligence said that ...", it was declared a "lie", even though Tony Blair and British Intelligence said repeatedly that not only did they say that, they still stood by the analysis. No matter, it remained "a lie" to the US chattering classes.

So now the UK refuses to even give approval to a US attack on Syria. How much did we listen to the press and BO wring their hands about the HORROR of W acting "unilaterally"??

Sometimes the left is feckless enough that I lose track of exactly where their double standards lie. I know they hated W, but given Vietnam and some of their other rhetoric over the years, I thought they actually had an "anti-war wing" that was independent of their hatred of Republicans. Left leaning people with real standards, not simply "hooray for our side and boo on your side" automatons ... but now I'm back to wondering.

Does lefty thinking SIMPLY come down to "we hate Republicans, if they do it, then it is BAD ... WHATEVER our side does is OK!"

Apparently so.

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