Friday, August 09, 2013

Election and Halloween

The total cost of our last election was over $6 Billion.

In 2012 we spent $8 Billion on Halloween.

It still remains a Henny Youngman world ( "How is your wife? ... Compared to what???") When one is talking about quantities -- it always depends on the context / comparison, because quantities, especially money, are RELATIVE.

I personally believe that ethics and morals are NOT relative -- but a lot of our current culture has this relationship reversed. ANY amount of money spent by Republicans is HUGE, while one might think that poor Democrats spent no money at all. Those people often wring their hands about the HORRIBLE amount of money spent in politics! ... and I'm quite certain they would be absolutely fine with a single party that could spend no money at all campaigning -- although possibly a few dollars on bullets to silence political criminals like myself.

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