Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Government as God

Keith Ellison Confesses His Kleptomania | Power Line:

If only it were just Keith Ellison. As government abandons it's primary purpose, which is the protection of property, and begins on the project of leveling of results, which corrupts it's primary charter, it is only a tiny step to government replacing God.

To Ellison and most of the left, "all is justly the government property" -- the "problem" is just the mere mechanism of exactly how they manage to collect it all!

God indeed provides all, and demands a 10% "Flat Tax" in return. If only earthly tyrants could learn from the Sovereign of Ages the reasonableness of ALL paying a flat rate. Tall and short, fat and slim, rich and poor, ALL are equal relative to God -- earthly measures being just that, earthly measures, and none of which are of much import relative to eternity and a Sovereign God.

Man creates government to protect property, and government becomes the chief criminal usurper of private property. Ah, humanity!

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