Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jackson and Sharpton Rush to OK

Shooting of Australian Christopher Lane sparks calls for U.S. boycott -

oops, never mind -- perps black, victim white, not their narrative! Expect to see very little of this one in the MSM, except maybe a tiny bit of obligatory hand wringing about "gun control".

What is wrong with our country when a "white Hispanic" being pounded into the sidewalk is allowed to use self defense? It is certainly horrible. How about when a group of black teens pops an Aussie in the back because they are bored? No real reason to think about that very much is there?

Let's be honest. Nobody beyond the family and friends that knew and loved him cared one whit about Trayvon Martin. He furthered their agenda, so they faked some big crocodile tears. NOBODY is actually concerned about the plight of young black men, LEAST of all BO, Jackson or Sharpton. If they were, "stop and frisk" would be mandatory in Chicago, New York, LA, Detroit, DC, etc, because it works, and we have NO PROBLEM targeting other groups (eg IRS conservatives, smokers, obese, gun owners, Christians, etc) ESPECIALLY "for their own good".

We can pull over anyone we want to see if they are wearing a seatbelt for their own protection. I happen to wear one and agree it is a good idea to wear it, but MANDATORY?? Oh, if you don't want to be "targeted", don't drive a car. Sure, great idea.

Other than a few crazies in Free Fire Zones ("Gun Free" zones), our "gun violence problem" is 90% young black men shooting each other with a few innocents caught in the crossfire or "boredom zone". Gee, young black male unemployment is over 50%,  a black family with a father at home is as rare as white folks shooting blacks, and what are we doing to improve things? Maybe legalizing weed ... that ought to encourage our black youth to get out and find a nonexistent  job!

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