Friday, August 30, 2013

JD 2320 Tractor, Patio Project

2320 and Patio Project

I was out working with the 2320 today and decided that I ought to shoot a couple of pics of it since it happened to be in a rare "loaded" state with the bucket, belly mower and tiller all attached. The bucket is on for obvious reasons, the evident digging for the extension  / completion of our house back perimeter rocking plus the addition of a small patio and a couple levels of steps to enable people to get to the patio, firepit, deck around the side of the house without stumbling in the dark. There will also be a berm and some rocks to separate it from the lawn and provide some privacy from the street

The other two items are on because I didn't like where I had the tiller at, so I wanted to move it and decided to just leave it on for weight while I dug, and when I was digging today I noticed that the lawn was really long, so I put that on and mowed. 

I've got all of 13 hrs on the unit so far, but WOW, it has done A LOT!! Lots of brush moving both at the edge of the yard and off from our drain-field, plus all the digging and mowing. Mowing is quite a breeze with the 62" deck! 

I'm always amazed at how poorly the measure "horsepower" captures working power. My previous 10 year+ mower was a JD 425 with allegedly 24 gas HP. This is a Yanmar 3cyl diesel, also with 24hp. The 425 had like zero torque ... load it and it died. This plays with the 62" deck, showing no signs of lugging even at 2/3 throttle. When I do lug it pushing brush or digging into a dirt pile with the bucket, it has a good deal of "snort" before it thinks of killing. 

It has been a JOY to use! Doing tasks that I've wanted to do for YEARS in an hour or two of enjoyable time is a superb treat. Somewhat like the opportunity to "be retired" for a couple weeks being of nearly infinite worth, the blessing of being able to complete tasks while using such a nice machine as been a real high point of the summer. 

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